Learn how to practice Pranamasana yoga to keep your mind and body calm

Learn how to practice Pranamasana yoga to keep your mind and body calm
Learn how to practice Pranamasana yoga to keep your mind and body calm

To keep the body fit and healthy, regular exercise, yoga must be practiced, regular practice of yoga not only makes your body healthy and fit, but it also benefits in keeping your mind calm and healthy. The practice of Pranamsana is considered very beneficial to keep the mind calm and the body relaxed. Pranamasana is a Vinyasa style yoga posture, which is very easy to practice. By practicing this asana daily, both your mind and body remain relaxed. The practice of this yoga asana is also very useful to improve the posture of the body, let us know in detail about the benefits of Pranamasana and how to do it.

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Benefits of Pranamasana Yoga:

Pranamasana yoga is basically an asana to pay obeisance to the rising sun, it is also practiced during Surya Namaskar. Pranamasana is a Sanskrit word which means the practice of asanas while bowing, since ancient times in Indian Sanskrit, the practice of saying Namaste or salutation while greeting. Pranams or Namaste is a scientific process in which your body benefits, practicing Pranamasana gives these benefits to your health.


1. Beneficial for keeping the mind calm

Practicing Pranamasana benefits in keeping your mind calm and relaxed, practice of this yogasana is done by staying calm. In today’s time, people are having stress or mental problems due to the hectic work and fatigue of the day, the practice of Pranamasana is considered very beneficial to get rid of these problems. It is useful to practice this yoga asana regularly when symptoms of depression appear, practicing this asana increases the energy of the body and gives peace.

2. Useful for Relaxing the Body

Practicing Pranamasana benefits your body in relaxing, it is useful to remove body fatigue and practice asana in the problem of body pain. This is one of the relaxing yogasanas which is also practiced by many yogis, practicing Pranamasana removes all negative thoughts from your mind and benefits in keeping the body relaxed.


3. Beneficial for correcting body posture

The practice of Pranamasana is considered very useful for improving the posture of your body, if the posture of the body is not correct, it also has an effect on your personality, since the practice of Pranamasana is done keeping the spine straight, so also its practice. It helps in improving the posture of your body.


4. Beneficial for Leg Muscles

The practice of Pranamasana is considered very beneficial for the muscles of the legs, by practicing it regularly, the muscles of your legs as well as the joints, hips, ankles etc., also benefit your nervous system. also get benefits.


5. Beneficial for Bones

Through the practice of Pranamasana, your feet’s bones become stronger, and it helps improve joint pain and arthritis. This asana is also beneficial for strengthening the muscles of the feet.


How to practice Pranamasana:

Pranamasana is a yoga posture of Vinyasa class whose practice is very easy, you follow these steps to practice asana.

  • First stand on the yoga mat, after that stand with both your feet together.
  • Now bring both the hands together till the chest.
  • Keeping the head straight, look towards the front and place both the palms in the posture of pranam.
  • Breathe normally and relax the body after staying in this posture for some time.


You also practice Pranamasana while practicing Surya Namaskar. Both mind and body benefit from its regular practice. You can practice this yoga asana daily. When practicing yoga for the first time, it is important to take the help of an expert.

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