Know The Link Earning Stack For Improved SEO Performance Of Site


One of the crucial aspects of your business website SEO tactics is link building. You can consider it as the fuel for your site to move forward in the extended internet world. An imperative part of search engine optimization services is like lifeblood for your site to get widespread recognition.

However, there is a misconception prevailing in the business world regarding link-building activity. Most enterprises feel like, “Any link created on the web will benefit their business to increase the organic reach and extended marketplace”.

Well, it’s not that true because, in terms of link building as part of the SEO package, there is no one-size-fits-all philosophy that prevails. It is essential to understand the types of link-building activity most suitable for your business SEO purpose.

So, here in this blog, we are here to provide you with the stack of link building with a clear objective defined for you.

Table of Contents

A. Passive Link Earning
B. Targeted Link Earning
C. Niche Link Earning
D. Site Authority Link Earning
E. Final Note

Let’s Get Started on the same.

Passive Link Earning

Passive link-building activity is a natural process of creating quality links without finding the need to actively promote on an ongoing basis. Such links are built to bring the necessary weight to your website without having any time conditions.

Building passive links as per Seo’s strategy is not just meant to promote your products/services offerings. But rather creating quality of your site.

Objective: Foundation of the passive link activity is setting up quality links over a period of time.

Common Examples

1. Statistics-based posts that provide valuable information regarding important industry, product, and service-related stats.
2. Offering tools and other relevant sources of information through the way of informational content.
3. Best or Top-rated blogs or articles to create information relevancy.

Targetted Link Earning

Targeted link building is related to creating high-quality backlinks from which you expect to get two or more links. It all starts when you create in-depth, highly informational, and trendy content covering major verticals, products, and technologies.

In such a scenario, it is imperative to create quality backlinks using that valuable piece of content across major platforms. Concerning the same, you start posting the blog/article on multiple sites with a view to earning more backlinks.

Objective: Elevating a particular piece of content ranking on the search engine page results.

Common Examples

1. How to blogs and articles are most relevant in terms of solving a purpose, answering a query, providing an end-to-end process, and more.
2. Learning-based content is divided into different sections and provides information about how to learn a particular thing.

Niche Link Earning

Niche links are created just for the sake of improving the DA of your website and creating more relevancy towards the same. It is essential to have the relevancy of your business offering in the competitive world.

Thus, you create relevant content strictly for your offerings, audience, and extended marketplace. Such content is promoted across different link-building channels to bring quality links. Majorly, the purpose is to bring more traffic and organic searches to your website.

Objective: Bring more relevant authority as per the niche offering of your business.

Common Examples

1. Promoting a particular product or a service related to a specific domain.
2. Promoting the offerings related to a defined target audience based on a specific location, age, interest, and gender.

Site Authority Link Earning

Domain authority has an essential role to play in creating relevancy and trust in your website. You might be having a few best-performing pages for which high ranking is the ultimate objective. In such a scenario, building authoritative links increase the ranking of your individual pieces of content.

You can ideally focus on bringing more authority to the web pages by creating a content-related funnel. This funnel must be in terms of creating content which is trending or it could be newsworthy to capture widespread attention from the users.

Objective: The primary aim is to improve the overall authority of your website to an optimum extent.

Common Examples

1. Creating newsworthy types of content and publishing the same on high authority web pages.
2. Sharing the major publications’ pieces of content written by your organization to bring more authority.

Final Note

Link building is an important element of SEO services obtained from a reliable partner not just to increase organic traffic but bring more authority. Utilize any of the link-building strategies mentioned above.

Get the assistance of SEO experts available at Fuel4Media to meet your website’s organic traffic and ranking requirements with ease. Work on the link-building activity in a comprehensive manner to yield optimum results ahead.

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