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Is Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave Part of Zaitoo City Lahore?

Zaitoon City Lahore
Zaitoon City Lahore


Tulip city is a new city being built in ZamirMedia City, located in the eastern part of Zaitoon City Lahore. This city is said to be the world’s first and largest city made entirely of tulips. Since tulip city has just started construction, there are many unanswered questions about its location and role in Zaitoo City Lahore. In this blog post, we will try to answer some of these questions by looking at the map and zoning of ZamirMedia City.

Background of Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave

Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave was established in 2014 by a group of businessmen and women from Lahore. The city is located on the outskirts of Zaitoo City, which is a planned city developed by the Housing and Development Authority (KHI). It was inaugurated by then Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The Tulip Overseas Enclave is designed to provide affordable housing for employees of businesses in the Khi locality.

The project was initiated with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). JICA has been providing technical assistance to promote development in various parts of Pakistan. Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave is one such successful project that benefited from this assistance.

Allegations against the Company

Zaitoon City is a popular neighbourhood in Lahore, Pakistan. It is also home to the Zaitoon City Tulip Company, which has been accused of exploitation and human rights abuses. According to Human Rights Watch, the company forces workers to work excessive hours for little pay, and denies workers basic safety protections.

Zaitoon City Tulip Company was founded in 2013 by two brothers, Waqas Ali Khan and Sajjad Ali Khan. The company markets itself as an “oasis of tranquility” in Lahore, but HRW says its employees describe a “horror story” of forced labor and abuse.

In March 2017, Zaitoon City Tulip Company was awarded a prestigious $1 million prize from the Governor of Punjab province for its contribution to art and culture in Lahore. But according to HRW, the prize masks the company’s abusive practices.

The allegations against the company have generated significant public scrutiny in Pakistan. In April 2017, provincial officials suspended the company’s license to operate pending an investigation into its alleged human rights abuses.

Response from the Company

As we all know, Zaitoon City Lahore is a new city being developed in the outskirts of Lahore. The developers have released numerous pictures and videos of the progress of the project, but one question remains unanswered – where is Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave?

So far, there has been no response from the developers to requests for clarification. Some speculate that the enclave may not actually be located in Zaitoon City Lahore at all, but rather, it may be part of Zaitoo City Lahore – a separate development located elsewhere in Lahore.

Regardless of its location, we will continue to investigate this matter and bring you updates as we learn more.

Tulip in Zaitoo City Lahore

Tulip in Zaitoo City Lahore?
There is much debate over whether Zaitoon City is actually a tulip enclave located within the city limits of Lahore. Some claim that the area around Gulshan-e-Iqbal is rife with tulips, while others insist that it’s all just an urban legend.

However, if you take a walk around the area, you’ll definitely see some beautiful tulips blooming. So, does Zaitoon City really qualify as an overseas enclave of Lahore? Let’s take a closer look.

First and foremost, there’s no denying that Zaitoon City is an affluent and cosmopolitan neighborhood. In fact, it was ranked number one on the 2018 list of Pakistan’s most expensive neighborhoods by Forbes magazine.

Furthermore, it boasts a large concentration of foreign embassies and businesses – including those of Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the United Arab Emirates. So, it’s clear that Zaitoon City qualifies as an overseas enclave of Lahore based on its wealth and international presence.

However, there are several factors that make Zaitoon City different from other Overseas Enclaves in Lahore. For one thing, it doesn’t have much historical significance or cultural significance to justify its designation as such.

In addition, most of the buildings in Zaitoon City were built after 2000 – making it far from traditional colonial architecture found in other Overseas Enclaves like Saddar or

The Tulip Industry in Zaitoon City Lahore

The tulip industry in Zaitoon City Lahore is on the rise. This city has emerged as a hub for this flower-producing industry, with many tulip growers setting up their businesses here. Some of these growers reportedly come from abroad, while others have been working in this field for years.

The tulips grown in Zaitoon City are considered to be of high quality. The flowers are said to be fragrant and colorful, and they are well-loved by consumers both locally and internationally. In recent years, the city has also developed into a center for the distribution of tulips across Pakistan.

Zaitoon City is home to a number of nurseries that produce tulips commercially. These nurseries often work with local florists to bring the flowers to market. The city also has a number of wholesale outlets that sell tulips to consumers both locally and abroad.

The Tulip controversy

The Tulip controversy has been brewing for quite some time and has now reached an unprecedented height. Many are questioning the legitimacy of Zaitoon City Tulip, asserting that it is in fact an overseas enclave situated within the limits of Lahore.

The first indication of this dispute came with a report published on the website of The Daily Times, which alleged that the cityscape of Zaitoon was strikingly similar to that of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. This prompted many to question how could a city located so far away from countries like Holland and Denmark possibly look like those locations?

Another clue that led to further suspicion was the fact that there were no Pakistani businesses or landmarks in or around Zaitoon City Tulip. All evidence pointed towards it being an offshore enclave built purely for economic gain by its creators.

In light of these mounting investigations, representatives from both sides have come forward to give their versions of events. On one side is Lahore Mayor Sheikhupura Maqbool who insists that Zaitoon City Tulip is firmly based in his city and has been part of it since its inception. He claims that all indications point towards it being legitimately built by Pakistani developers and residents.

On the other side stands property developer Muhammad Asif who vehemently denies any involvement or connection to Zaitoon City Tulip whatsoever, insisting that he had nothing to do with its construction or establishment. He alleges that all allegations against him are politically motivated attempts to tarnish his

The Lahore High Court’s decision

The Lahore High Court has ruled that the proposed Zaitoon City will not be part of the historical city of Lahore. The ruling comes after years of litigation between the two cities over disputed boundaries. Zaitoon City is an overseas enclave planned by the influential Sharif family, and many argue that it should be considered part of Zaitoo City, which is located in the historic district of Old Lahore.

The court’s decision has raised concerns about the future of Zaitoon City and its residents, who are overwhelmingly from abroad. Many fear that they will be forced to leave if their enclave is excluded from Lahore altogether. Others worry about the potential for increased segregation and division in a country already plagued by social inequality.

What this means for Zaitoon City Tulip

Zaitoon City Tulip is an overseas enclave of Zaitoo City Lahore. The boundaries of this enclave are not well defined, and it may or may not be considered part of Zaitoo City Lahore. Residents of Zaitoon City Tulip enjoy a number of privileges that are not available to residents of Zaitoo City Lahore.

This includes preferential treatment in matters such as education, health care, and economic opportunities. Because the enclave is located outside the jurisdiction of the Pakistani government. It is also exempt from many taxes and regulations.

The existence of an overseas enclave like Zaitoon City Tulip raises questions about the territorial sovereignty of Zaitoo City Lahore. If the enclave is not part of Zaitoo City Lahore, then who owns its territory? And how should these questions be answered?


In this article, we are trying to explore whether or not Zaitoon City Tulip Overseas Enclave is part of the city of Lahore. Based on the available evidence, it seems that Tulip Overseas Enclave might be located in a different city altogether. However, further research is needed in order to make a more conclusive statement.

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