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In 2022, how do I become an Azure Data Engineer?

The pandemic has led to rapid digitalization around the globe. Companies in various sectors are shifting from health care to retail.

In this time of cloud security, data-related professions are predicted to rise by 12% by 2028. Roughly 546,200 new jobs will be created. So you can expect data engineering to be one of the most attractive professions in 2022 and beyond.

Firstly you have to understand who an Azure data engineer is

Data is considered the most valuable asset in an organization. This is the fact that makes data engineers indispensable individuals.

An Azure data engineer is an extremely qualified person responsible for integrating, transforming, and merging structured and unstructured sources into a structure for the construction of analytical solutions.

Microsoft-certified professionals or data engineers create the data flow, and Microsoft certifications play a basic role.

Reason for hiring Microsoft-certified professionals

The prime reason for hiring Microsoft-certified professionals is because of the surge in the use of data. Microsoft certifications are integral as more and more people, organizations, and corporations use data continuously. In the real sense, data management is more important than insights and analysis. Microsoft-certified professionals play a crucial part in this journey.

Microsoft Azure data engineer certificate exam

Microsoft-certified professionals are well-skilled employees. You need to undergo a certification exam like the DP 203 certification exam to become a Microsoft-certified -professional or data engineer.

Who can take the certification exam

To become a Microsoft-certified professional or data engineer, you must thoroughly understand data computation languages like SQL, Python, or Scala included in Microsoft certification courses. Microsoft certification training is integral for excellent results.

The Skills analyzed in  Microsoft certification courses are:

  • Design and implementation of data storage(40 to 45%)
  • Designing of data storage structure
  • Designing a partitioning strategy
  • Designing the serving layer
  • Implementing physical data and storage structures
  • Implementing logical data structuring
  • Implementing the serving layer
  • Design and developing data processing(25 to 30%)
  • Ingesting and transforming data
  • Designing and developing a batch-processing solution
  • Designing and developing a stream-processing situation
  • Managing batches and pipelines
  • Monitoring and optimizing data storage and processing (10 to 15%)

This includes monitoring data storage and processing data, also, optimizing storage data.

Enhancing your portfolio

Starting your career as an azure data engineer is thrilling. But it requires efforts to develop fundamental skills. Also, one has to clear the Microsoft certification exam.

Some of the azure data projects are

  1. Analyzing Yelp dataset with spark and parquet format on Azure.

This project teaches you to use the spark and Parquet file formats. It will aid you in understanding how to use Azure data factory. It also teaches you to deploy the Azure data factory. Cloud computing will also be taught. Cloud computing is the base.

ETL is an important topic that is taught. This is a real-world engineering project and has three steps.

In the first step, you acquire data from Yelp and use Data Factory to push it to Azure Data Lake. Data preparation is the second stage; data bricks clean and analyze data

  1. Azure text analytics for medical search engine development

The prime focus of this program is to create a machine-learning application that can recognize relationships and patterns between different words used in medical science

  1. Building an Azure Recommendation Engine on Movie lens data set.

This project will show you the usage of spark SQL to develop a movie recommendation engine using a data set called the movie lens dataset. The azure data factory will guide you through creating a big data pipeline.

  1. Azure stream analytics for real-time cab service monitoring.

Though there is an advancement in artificial intelligence this project mainly focuses on creating an end-to-end stream processing pipeline for real-time cab service using Azure stream analytics. You need to design a real-time streaming data pipeline using ETL. Also, you can learn how to use event hubs for importing cab data.

DP 203 certification

The DP 203 certification replaced two previous certifications launched in June 2021 by Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft online courses play a vital role in training sessions.

Azure data engineers hold one of the toughest job portfolios in the IT industry. Though nowadays we rely on artificial intelligence, it is considered creative work. Cloud security also comes into play. You have to undergo Microsoft certification training. This position is for the confident ones. Also, you will get great rewards.

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