How To Style Stripes For Men? 7 Best Ways To Style

For a fashionista like you, a striped shirt is an essential summer piece. Whether you’re heading on a beach vacation, business meeting, house party, or casual outing? Stripe tee has your back. On weekends, do you go out for drinks? Don’t worry! The striped shirt will not let you down. Because in this article we have put together the best ways possible how to style stripes for men.

Well! Summer is nearly here. And we’ve got 7 terrific ways of how to style striped shirts like a boss. Let’s get ready to learn.

How To Style Stripes For Men? 7 Best Ways To Style

Here is how to style striped shirts in 6 different looks like a pro. Be confident and get ready to rock the new you everywhere you go.

1. Wear Striped Shirt With Denim

Stripes shirts have remained a timeless classic. They can serve as an excellent basis for layering. Striped clothes may be simply changed to highlight other items in your collection, such as your regular jeans or new coats.

2. Layer Blazer On Stripes

This is one of the great photos to try out with a striped shirt. Wear a darker-colored blazer to make this look more unique. You should definitely attempt this look. This elegant style is appropriate for work meetings or any other formal function.

3. Striped Shorts With Solid

Do you know? Stripes were virtually born to be on the beach. Because of their nautical connections, they are an excellent option for a day of relaxation by or on the sea. At this stage, your style is so easygoing that you may do almost anything, but there are a few ground principles to follow:

Stripes in blue and white work well. It’s a timeless look. You can’t go wrong with this. If you want to create an eccentric look, wearing striped shorts with solid shirts is the best option, You can slay even more by keeping the shirt unbuttoned. This is how to style stripes for men that look unique.

4. Try Up Striped Sweater

Sweaters and pullovers, another popular clothing item with stripes, are an excellent method to create attractive ensembles for guys. Match the inner with a shirt or tee in light or contrasting colors.

5. Casual Look = Striped + Pants

Selecting vertical lines over horizontal stripes has several advantages, including enabling the eye to wander up and down and providing a lengthening appearance. This approach is especially useful for shorter and larger guys.

6. Polo Shirts + Chino Looks Good

This is another simple swap you can try. Pair a striped polo with your favorite solid-color shorts or chinos. It is not necessary to have stripes on your polo. Barron only has a few over his chest to serve as a focal point. Horizontal stripes work well in this situation. Depending upon the size of the stripe, vertical ones on only the top half might appear circus tent-like.

7. Pair Up Colorful Stripes With White Pant

White jeans may be dressed up or down. They’re both fashionable and classic, which means they’ll look excellent on men of all ages. White chinos, according to Manny de la Cruz of Well Built Style, are the perfect garment for the spring and summer months. Here’s a look at the greatest White Jeans Garments for Men. Isn’t this idea brilliant? Now you can learn the best ways of how to style stripes for men. Go, create the look, and slay.


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