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How to Protect Patio Furniture From UV Damage

Patios are excellent places to enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re looking to unwind, have a party, or take advantage of the nicer weather. However, all patio sets are vulnerable to weather conditions such as wind, rain, and hail, typical wear and tear, and the sun’s potentially damaging UV rays.

Damage from the sun’s rays may occur over time and it can also diminish the worth of your furniture by compromising the materials and the quality. Fortunately, there are measures you may take to avoid this.

1. Use Patio Umbrellas

Using patio umbrellas during the sunny summer is one way to protect your patio set from sun damage. If you can’t bring your patio set inside, one alternative is to put up umbrellas to shield the pieces from the sun.

Umbrellas, which come in various sizes, designs, and colors, may also serve as a focal point on the patio. Umbrellas shield your patio furniture from harmful UV rays and provide welcome shade and cooling for guests who may be sensitive to the sun.

It’s also a cost-effective solution to protect your patio set from damage. You can also opt for covering the furniture with neoprene material by the yard to provide UV and chemical resistance.

2. Use Patio Covers

Patio covers are a practical and inexpensive way to protect your furniture from damaging sun rays. Choose heavy-duty patio covers made of sturdy materials, such as vinyl or canvas, that protect your furniture from wind, rain, and direct sunlight.

These covers may be made from different materials, such as fabric, vinyl, or acrylic. They provide an attractive way to protect and enhance the look of your patio furniture and protect against moisture and weather damage.

Many coverings, such as bags, rolls, pouches, or netting, come in different forms to block the sun’s rays from reaching your furniture.

3. Use UV Protection Sprays

Simple remedies, such as UV protection sprays, may also help to protect your patio furniture from the sun’s damaging rays. You can find these sprays at many local hardware and home improvement stores. They are typically available in various sizes for different furniture pieces.

Use these sprays on metal parts and other surfaces that may be subject to corrosion or rust without compromising the color or surface appearance of the furniture. You can also use teak oil treatments or water-repellent sprays to seal wood surfaces before using them outdoors.

4. Consider Unique Fabrics

Certain fabrics, such as outdoor upholstery fabrics, are designed for exposure to the elements. These fabrics can withstand the sun and rain without fading or changing their color or texture. You can find these fabrics at many fabric stores.

If you prefer to cover your furniture with material that is appropriate for outdoor use, purchase a multi-purpose outdoor fabric. These fabrics often resist fading, staining, and moisture damage, which makes them perfect for outdoor settings.

5. Bring It Inside

Suppose you wish to avoid covering your patio furniture with a fabric or using special UV protection sprays against the sun’s damaging rays. In that case, you should bring it inside temporarily during sunnier months or store it in a climate-controlled space.

Some patio furniture is not meant for indoor use and may be damaged if exposed to indoor elements such as humidity, so this may not be an option in all cases.

But if your outdoor pieces are made of materials suitable for indoor use, such as wicker, see if you can store them indoors until colder weather arrives.

6. Protect It with Repairs

If you can still bring your patio set indoors during less sunny months, having a professional wood restorer repair your patio furniture may be a good idea. It can help to preserve the materials and minimize UV damage over time.

Many patio furniture restoration companies can provide additional care for your patio furniture, know how to work with different materials, and have the necessary tools for making repairs.

You should Keep an eye on how the furniture is holding up to the elements and look for problems such as fading, peeling, cracks, or breaks. Regardless of which measures you choose to protect your patio set from sun damage, you should always perform regular maintenance on your set outdoors to increase its lifespan.

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