How to Make Carrier in Esports? What is the Future of Esports in India?


The Growth of Esports

The esports industry is growing exponentially worldwide. The Esports industry has become a $1.1 Billion Industry in the year 2020 from $950.6 million in 2019, showing a year growth of +15.7%. It is estimated to reach a mark of $2.17 billion by the year 2023.

With the face of sport expected to change even as the world gets back on its feet, more and more companies are investing in eSports because of its very nature. Also, obviously because of the number of people who are taking up on gaming in the country.

The E-Sports industry has been growing really fast and with more millennials interested in the professional gaming scene, we believe that e-sports will skyrocket going forward. Aartika Saini believes that the future looks bright for the esports industry. She says, “I mean the industry has seen so much growth in recent times, with the kind of viewership and revenue being generated. With the world fighting a pandemic, more and more people are confined to their homes in search of entertainment and content to consume and people are turning to gaming and esports in general. I’m not one to talk numbers, but if I’m not mistaken, the esports market grew by 15% in the last year, which is nothing short of extraordinary, with many estimating the market to reach 1.6 billion by 2023.”

The Future of Esports in India

Esports has been growing extremely quickly across the world. Various Games like DOTA, Valorant, COD, PUBG has got massive following and participation . DOTA2 had tournament worth 200 crores of prizepool which shows how big this is now. This is massive much more than even the world777 IPL in cricket and various football leagues around the world. Johan Sundstein said to have $7.2 million (Dota 2) of worth just from prize pool. This is massive for a field that has just come to the scene. This so far has been the world trend. But where does India stand in the industry of esports. What is the future of Esports in India really is?

A major Shift in mindset along with increase in investment in the scene has started to bring a change in gaming industry of India and soon we will see India making name around the world. Do read our more blogs from this link. See a big step in esports. The eISL blog.

India is having more than 2 million esports fans which are rising at a very high rate every other day. Due to the rising interest of the user’s Indian has become a lucrative destination to conduct gaming events like the Indian Gaming league, ESL gaming, etc.

Esports in India – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

But on this thread, we start with how it’s going for the esports market in the Indian context. We will get to the progress the world777 industry has made in the last one year and the future of esports in India. But first, we take a small look at how it has done over the last few years both globally and in India.

However, in this thread, we will initially discuss the state of the esports industry in India. The growth of esports game in India during the past year and its prospects in the coming years will be discussed. But first, let’s take a quick glance back at its worldwide and Indian performance over the past few years.

Esports pertain to a sports competition through video games organized into the multiplayer setting. It has successfully taken over the Indian market because of the promotion and campaign on various online streaming platforms like YouTube. The esports industry is not new, but not many people are aware that it has been around for a decade already. It just so happen that it became popular in India just recently as more developers and investors showing interest in the Indian market.

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