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How to Choose Top Best Exhibition Booth Design Companies in Sharjah, UAE?

Exhibition Booth Design Companies in Sharjah
Exhibition Booth Design Companies in Sharjah

Sharjah is the third largest city in United Arab Emirates after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The city is the center for culture and industry. It is the hot destination for trade shows. There are a lot of exhibition booth design companies out there and to choose the top best booth design company in Sharjah is quite a task. Some companies can offer an outstanding design while the others are providing its services at reasonable prices. To choose what would be the best fit for you requires a considerable thought. However we have listed few parameters that can help you analyze your situation and find out how to choose top best exhibition booth design companies in Sharjah.

Within your Budget:

The primary focus point while choosing the booth builder in Sharjah is that it should be within your budget. Plan your budget well in advance and also the estimate of how much would you like to invest on a trade show booth. Do not underestimate the value of a trade show booth. It is the first impression that the customer gets of you at the trade shows. Invest wisely on a trade show booth. While it is always advisable to have a unique exhibition booth design with engaging features but do not go overboard to fulfill all your requirements of a trade show booth by crossing your budget limits.

Keep your budget in check and if you wish to go to a very high end design try considering the booth rental option. It will give you flexibility with the cost while not compromising on the booth design. Many exhibitors like to use the booth rental option due to its many advantages like you can have a new design in every consecutive exhibition and can avoid repetition. Cost is the other main factor and so is storage. You can completely be free from the storage problem of the booth if you go for the rental option.

Carefully examine the geographical position:

While you would be exhibiting in Sharjah, it is advisable to choose the custom exhibition stand contractor in Sharjah. It is good for you if the booth builder has its manufacturing unit in the same area as that of your trade show. On one hand it lowers the cost of transportation, on the other hand it also reduces the risk of wear and tear due to travel distance. Mark the points that are advantageous for you before you decide the trade show booth design company for your trade show.


Check out for the experience that the trade show booth design company has in the domain before you finalize them.  There are a lot of exhibition Booth Design Companies in Sharjah, but not all of them shall be experienced. Some are new in the field and you can have a problem with timely delivery of exhibition booth with such companies. No one wants to experience a situation where the trade show is just around the corner and your exhibition booth is not ready.

The companies that have a prior experience in the domain have a good understanding of how much time will be needed to complete a project and there are good chances that your booth will be ready on time. In addition to this, the experienced companies have designers, architects and engineers that have done an extensive work in the area and are more capable to give you an outstanding design.


After you have checked with all other points, do not forget to check the reviews of the trade show booth design company. The previous experience of others can help you gauge whether or not the company is suitable for you.

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