How To Book Wedding Party Transportation? A Guide To Make Wedding Day Transfers Effortless

The dream of a perfect wedding comes true only when couples plan out everything and make thoughtful decisions. But planning a wedding in Hawaii is easier said than done. You have to consider a lot of things; what you and your family will need or what your friends and guests will want. Perhaps you have already made all the arrangements for the big day, but have you considered transportation for wedding guests yet?

Wedding day transportation often slips couples’ minds but don’t worry; it’s never too late to arrange a ride or two. Fortunately, private transportation for weddings is readily available in Hawaii; you can connect with transportation services anytime before the wedding. That said, booking a reliable service at your earliest convenience is always best. Here we have put together more tips that you may find helpful when arranging rides for your wedding guests.

Book as Early as Possible

Hawaii is not merely a tourist hotspot but also a perfect destination to get married. No wonder why it witnesses so many weddings every year. While weddings in Hawaii are incredible, the experience of booking transportation services, particularly for weddings, can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s probably because wedding transportation gets quickly booked by couples, sometimes six to twelve months before the wedding, and finding a reputable transportation service at the last minute becomes challenging. Whether Hawaii is your home or you are planning a destination wedding on the Big Island,book wedding party transportation as early as possible.

Meet transportation service providers in person

When you have an entire wedding to plan, quickly getting done with bookings and arrangements becomes normal. It’s not uncommon for couples to book private transportation for wedding guests at the service provider’s website without meeting their professionals or doing any background checks. Although most transportation professionals are reliable, not checking up on them can cost you hundreds of dollars and ruin your guests’ experience.

Rather than taking your chances, spare some time for in-person or online meet-ups with Hawaii’s best wedding transportation service providers.

Let them know your wedding day’s transportation goals, ask them about their vehicles and inspect their conditions, learn about their chauffeurs and how effectively they communicate with clients, and note things they take care of, like snacks and parking.

Think about your guests’ needs

When you arrange rides for your guests, your responsibility doesn’t end with booking a party bus for the night. You will also need to consider every individual’s needs and preferences. For instance, guests with children may require booster seats, while older people or people with mobility problems may need a wheelchair lift. Some guests might need to get picked up from their homes while others who came from another place to attend your wedding will need a pick up from their hotels.

Similarly, you will have to arrange an early return from the venue to your guests’ homes or hotels for those who might not wish to dance all night long.

Ensure you don’t overfill vehicles

Arranging rides can be a bit expensive, especially when you want to book only a single ride, perhaps a party bus, but your list of attendees is long. Overfilling a vehicle seems a good choice in such a situation, but it’s not. Your guests will not enjoy the ride to the venue in a cramped space, eventually ruining their mood, excitement, and experience.

When you don’t want your party people to arrive with disappointments in their eyes, stretch your budget a little and book the required number of vehicles, ensuring every guest sits comfortably. And if budget is still an issue, consider talking to your chosen wedding day transportation company. Most private wedding transportation services offer discounts on early bookings that can save money and keep your attendees happy.

Don’t encourage ride-sharing

If some of your guests already own vehicles, don’t encourage them to pick up other guests on their way, especially if they don’t know each other well. Although it will save a few bucks in your pocket as you would not need to arrange vehicles, they may not prefer sharing their rides.

Similarly, don’t assume guests who already live in Hawaii and have cars will arrange their own transportation. They might want to be a part of the wedding party that arrives at the venue together in a party bus. It is always better to ask them what they want to do before booking transportation for wedding guests.

Communicate with the chosen wedding transportation service

As mentioned earlier, your job doesn’t end with booking wedding party transportation; you will have to communicate with the chosen service professionals multiple times, ensuring you both are on the same page. Sending mail reminders or directly speaking with professionals over calls is a brilliant way to ensure everything is in order.

It’s also a great decision to let your guests know how to connect with the transportation company so they can communicate directly on or before the wedding day. You can send out information with your invites to ensure everyone receives it.

What are you waiting for now? Look for private transportation for weddings in Hawaii right away!

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