How to Add a Mobile Menu to Any WordPress Site in Simple Steps


While creating the WordPress website, you should have run into one of these words. A mobile-friendly, flexible theme is necessary, given that roughly half of the visitors will undoubtedly access it via a mobile device.

Why, then, should the menu on your website be ignored?

Now, one aspect of having the menu adaptive is its presentation. In other words, if your main navigation menu appears as a plugin wordpress on a desktop computer, it can also appear as a hamburger menu on a smartphone.

How to Make Your WordPress Site’s Mobile Menu

You must do the following steps to add a mobile-specific menu:

  • Establish a mobile menu.
  • Adjust the display to fit the available space
  • Be sure the mobile menu appears
  • Make and configure a mobile menu.

With just a bit of jQuery and PHP coding expertise, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The following files require the adjustments to be made:

Switching Menu Display

The menu must now only be seen on a mobile device. As a result, we must adjust its look according to the screen resolution or browser width.

Ensure that the JS code listed below is added to a file downloaded for each page. You may add the script to a “mobile-menu-toggle.js” if you aren’t aware of one. The next step is to choose the menu you want to utilize for the flexible menu. Finally, visit Appearance » Menus to build a menu if you haven’t already done so.

Giving a CSS class for the existing non-responsive panel is the screen’s final option. On lower screens, the plugin will be able to conceal the non-responsive menu, thanks to this.

Make sure the mobile menu appears.

We still have one more thing to do to ensure the menu displays properly. Once the mobile menu has been configured in the menu options, this step essentially handles showing it. You must update the header.php file for the current theme with this code. After adding the “main menu,” you may add it underneath the “wp nav menu” method.

Ensure to include a “desktop-menu” component as an addition to the main menu. The menu display will be toggled using this class.

Make and configure the mobile menu.

After setting up the mobile menu and switching the display, we must construct a menu and designate it as the mobile menu. With a broad range of solutions in website creation, plugin design, and WooCommerce advancement, Flipper Code has focused on providing services for the WordPress environment since its foundation. As a result, we have created many WordPress plugins that may be altered to meet different business needs.

Make a new option for this in the WordPress admin side.

Add the menu options and designate it as a mobile menu after that. Don’t forget to save your modifications. There you have it, then! You recently updated the plugin wordpress to include a mobile menu. It wasn’t difficult at all. Similar to adding multiple menus depending on more giant screens, you can create a footer menu.


In this article, we covered how to include a WordPress mobile menu on the site without the aid of a plugin. Your website’s performance on all mobile devices can be improved using mobile menus. You can construct various mobile menus that accommodate various screen sizes by following the four steps mentioned above. newsethnic.com

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