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Regardless of how we spend our days, there come times when we need to shed the stress, exhaustion, and anxiety of daily Usedom Hotel life. A visit to a spa can be very therapeutic, providing the relaxation and meditation we crave. There are hotels around the world with great spas that specialize in spa treatments for the body and soul. By planning ahead, you can look out for discounted hotel rates and get maximum bang for your buck. Thanks to the internet, it is now very easy to make cheap hotel reservations.

Glen Ranch – Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Located on the beautiful sandy shores of Miami Beach, Florida, Canyon Ranch offers classic hotel accommodations. The hotel’s spa offers wellness  Usedom Hotel therapy for the body and mind. Fitness and wellness experts as well as nutritionists and therapists are on hand to offer advice and assistance to guests.

Spa treatments include:

– Ashiatsu , a deep barefoot massage – Thai
massage – Turkish Mammam bath – Ritual
– Ayurvedic herbal rejuvenation – Chakra ritual to relieve stress – Fitness – Aquavana –

Aman in the Summer Palace – Beijing, China

The guest accommodations in Aman , Beijing are individual apartments located next to the Summer Palace on the outskirts of the city. The resort has a dedicated Pilates and yoga studio, squash courts, an indoor pool, and a large gym.

Aman ‘s spa services are a blend of Eastern and Western techniques, including:

– Massages
-facial treatments -holistic body treatments -ancient Chinese rituals and methods

Le Couvent des Minimes – Provence, France

A traditional French chateau, Le Couvent des Minimes was once a monastery and still has an aura of peace. Outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, skiing, hunting and mountain biking provide variety for guests.

Le Couvent des Minimes offers a variety of spa treatments:

-Six treatment rooms -An
indoor relaxation pool -Facial and body treatments with honey, lavender and lemon -Laconium , a gentle
sauna experience -Caldarium, a hot plunge bath -Hamam, a Turkish steam bath

COMO Shambhala Retreat – Turks and Caicos Islands, Parrot Cay, Caribbean

Nestled on the beaches of Parrot Cay’s North Caicos Channel, COMO Shambhala Retreat ‘s accommodations are unparalleled. Holistic treatment of body and mind are the focus of the spa at COMO Shambahla . Yoga experts guide guests through classes, doctors offer  Hotels auf Usedom consultations and therapists help with lifestyle development for continued good health.

Among the many spa treatments on offer are:

– Seaweed Therapy – Japanese Baths – Outdoor Garden Spa – Pizichili Oil Treatments
– Ayurveda Therapy – Massage Therapy –
Acupuncture and Shiatsu Therapy

Brenners Park Hotel & Spa – Baden-Baden, Germany

A traditional German hotel, Brenner’s is located near the Black Forest in western Germany. The hotel offers spa suites and other luxurious accommodations. Guest services include a range of specialized medical treatments. Specialist care and aesthetic dentistry, ophthalmology, check-ups and aesthetic dermatology are available.

Spa services are eclectic, offering both modern and traditional techniques.

-Body torture therapy -Shiatsu therapy
-Lomi -Lomi massage
-cold plunge pool -biosauna -whirlpool with aromatic additives

Hotels in Dubai emit millions of tons of carbon dioxide

Research has shown that 300 hotels in Dubai emit 1 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. Attention was drawn to the need to save electricity and water and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

The company that conducted the research showing that five-star hotels in Dubai consume 225% more energy than European hotels of the same level was awarded the Emirates Energy Award. These hotels emit 6,500 tons of carbon dioxide, compared to 3,000 tons for European hotels.

Water consumption in hotels in Dubai also significantly exceeds European indicators. While the average water consumption per guest in a five-star hotel in Zurich is 490 liters, in Dubai it varies between 650 and 2000 liters per person in a seven-star hotel.

Hotels in Dubai consume on average between 275 and 325 kilowatts per hour of electricity per square meter . In German hotels only 100 kilowatts per hour of electricity per square meter – difference of 225%. According to the company’s research , the annual energy costs in leading five-star hotels in Dubai amount to 2 million dollars.

The topic of environmental economics has recently become very popular. Not only the accommodation industry and other tourist businesses pay attention to ecology and the measures associated with this philosophy, but also large companies. For example, in winter, companies recommend turning off the heating at night and turning off the lights when there is enough daylight. That makes perfect sense, because in a large corporation, compliance with these instructions results in megawatts of electrical energy and heat saved.


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