Guide To Weaving Hair And Its Techniques

weaving hair
weaving hair

Nowadays, weaving hair extensions is the most widely used method of modifying your hairdo. It refers to the methods used to add new hair, whether natural or synthetic, to a person’s current hair. By weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair, hair is added to the scalp.

Hair weaving is an option for people who don’t like their hair or want to look more lovely with long, thick, beautiful hair. It is weaved into the root area of the hair. Through weaving hair this technique, people can enhance their natural hair’s volume and length to get the desired hairstyles.

Here are some weaving hair techniques to get the gorgeous hair of your dream.

1. Bonding Weaving Hair

One of the most popular weaving hair techniques is bonding, in which the hair is divided into various portions, and the weaved hair is attached to the natural hair, near to the scalp, using hair glue. It is a well-known temporary weaving technique that gives natural hair more volume or vivid color streaks. 

This is a short-term weaving technique that doesn’t harm the natural hair. Tracks are removed a few days later to prevent any damage to natural hair. 

Another type of bonding procedure involves attaching wigs to roots of natural hair using a medical adhesive. Soft and hard bonds are two different sorts of bonding techniques.

2. Tracking Weaving Hair

Another integration technique is tracking, which entails braiding the natural hair into several tracks that span the head. A few braided circles are made and sewed in this area. Now, the sewn braids are connected to the horizontally woven hair on the head. 

In this method, the ‘track’, or cornrows, are first created by braiding the natural hair. The weaving hair only has a few tracks for a certain tracking. However, this kind of weaving needs a lot of care and can only be done correctly by an expert. On the other hand, a full head weaving hair involves braiding the entire head.

3. Fusion

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esses creates a weaving hair that is completely indistinguishable from the original hair, giving it a truly natural appearance. Here, genuine hair strands have adhered with the aid of a machine. To do this, separate the natural hair into several tiny, elongated sections. 

The machine is then heated to fuse the new hair to each of the divided strands of hair. But because of the potential for harm from the high heat, adequate care and safety measures must be taken. 

The hair may be cleaned and maintained normally using this technique, creating a natural appearance. Today, a different method called cold fusion is accessible and does not require a heating device.


Weaving hair is a great way to get the fabulous hairstyle of your dreams with the right extensions hair. Go for the hair you always wanted by using the above method but make sure you visit a professional hairstylist. 

Select the right method for extending your hair with good quality hair bundles and flaunt it flawlessly.

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