Get your Plot now in Best (DDJAY) Affordable Housing Plotted Scheme

ddjay plots Gurgaon

Home is a home, no matter how big or small. Financial stability and mental tranquility are achieved when you invest in your home. Life appears wonderful when you have a place to call your home. It is one of life’s fundamental necessities. If you already own a home, consider yourself blessed! And if you are in a plan to make an investment, you can look for ddjay plots Gurgaon.

Nowadays, many individuals prefer to buy flats, but there are some that wish to buy plots and construct a home according to their preferences. If you are also one of them, you can think about the ddjay plots in Gurgaon. The plots are available in diverse sizes. These plots give you a chance to build your dream home within your budget.

Advantages for Buyers under the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna (DDJAY plots)

  • Under this system, buyers are free to buy the freehold and dispute-free plots. Under the government’s Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Yojna (PMAY) credit-linked interest subsidy programme, first-time house purchasers are also eligible for an interest benefit of up to 2.35 lacs.
  • Developers can register four independent floors on each site under the DDJAY programme with the inclusion of a lift and stilt parking.
  • Because each floor qualifies for a separate registration, individual bank loans may be obtained for each floor. Each plot has a total FAR of 2.68.
  • Only 50% of plots under the DDJAY plan may be assign before construction. The remaining 50% plots may only be allocate or sold.
  • Only the residential zones of towns, as identify in the master development plans, are permit to use the town planning system under DDJAY.

More Benefits under this Scheme

  • The external development fees and license fee rates, as well as the conversion and infrastructure development fees, have all been significantly cut in order to attract individual colonists to construct these colonies.
  • The largest land size permitted under DDJAY is 150 square metres (180 sqyards). Furthermore, the maximum and lowest populations per acre are 240 and 400, respectively.
  • The colonizer or developer is in charge of selling the licensed land in two stages. The 50% license area may be sold following the internal development of the entire township. The colonizer is obliged to mortgage 15% of the saleable land in order to do this.
  • The colonizer must give the government 10% of the permitted territory in order to establish community facilities.
  • All developers are require to finish their housing developments within seven years after receiving their license.
  • Under the direction of the state government, private home construction firms construct each and every apartment under the DEEN Dayal Jan Awas Yojna.
  • The state’s expansion in unauthorized colonies will undoubtedly decline thanks to the DDJAY scheme.

The Indian government has approved the plots and their layouts. With the help of experts in real estate businesses, customers can buy ddjay plots Gurgaon. They can visit the site to check the location and know the prospects of development. After completion of construction, there are high chances of the locality becoming popular among customers. Especially the people who want to enjoy the comforts of their home. And do not feel comfortable living in flats can consider buying these plots.

Final Words

M2K India has always offered customers the best residential and commercial options. Now, they have come up with another best housing scheme. Under this scheme, ddjay plots in Gurgaon are available for customers at reasonable prices. If you are planning to build your home in one of the prime locations, you can consider the DDJAY plots. These are approved by the government and are one of the best choices to build your home.

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