For a fresh look, Cleaning Your Floors

floor cleaning services

Even floors of the best quality can become dull over time. Your floor’s brilliance can be lost due to scratches, nicks, and general wear and tear. Floor refinishing is a great way to bring back the beauty of your tiles, whether they are marble tiles in the kitchen or Italian tiles in the bathroom.
It is possible to lay new flooring, but it can be expensive. You can improve the look of your floor while keeping it intact by refinishing. Learn more about refinishing and why it may be the best option.

Refinishing Techniques

Professional floor cleaning services can restore the original beauty of your floors. We offer a variety of refinishing services, such as:

  • Burnish or buff hardwood
  • Vinyl composite flooring can be stripped and waxed
  • Ceramic tile tiles can be scrubbed and grouted with a deep scrubber.

Floor refinishing techniques can vary depending on what your goals are. Let’s take a look at all the options available to bring your old floors back to life, from smoothing rough edges to a high-gloss shine.


After deep cleaning, vinyl, and wood floors can be restored using a buffing machine. The floor buffer is equipped with a rotating pad holder at the bottom that spins at different speeds to achieve desired results. To buff the floor, we apply a special pad to the floor machine’s bottom. Dust mopping and vacuuming the floors after buffing is complete will remove any remaining dirt or dust. While buffing can restore smoothness, it will not achieve the same ‘wet’ look as burnishing.


Vinyl floors are particularly well-suited for this process. Burnishing is a more effective method than buffing. It provides maximum shine and hardens the floor’s finish, which is why it is so much faster than other methods. This process is faster but requires more polish. Your floors could end up looking worn and dull.


High-traffic areas will quickly become clogged with grease, dust, and oil. A high-powered auto-scrubber is capable of quickly and easily removing caked-on dirt. The bigger the cleaning pad, so the more surface can be cleaned at once. This machine will always deliver better results than manual cleaning.


When you remove all finish from a floor, it is called floor stripping. While there are many methods, the most common is to use an automatic scrubber to strip the floor. The top finish is then pulverized and can be swept off. A chemical stripping solution is another option. This should be done when the building or home is not in use.

Is refinishing the smarter choice?

It is much easier than you might think to restore an old floor’s original beauty. You don’t need to use messy staining techniques or dusty sanding, particularly if the floors are not damaged. Refinishing your floors is possible if they are just dirty or have a few scratches.

Professional cleaning companies are the best choice for such jobs. Hardwood flooring is delicate and requires professional attention. Do not attempt to refinish your floors yourself. You can permanently damage your floors with harsh chemicals from the store or aggressive cleaning tools. This will make it more expensive to repair the damage. You can save money by investing in a professional refinishing company and getting the job done right. After your floors are refinished, you can call a professional cleaner to provide maintenance services. A professional floor cleaning services can schedule cleaning appointments, remove minor imperfections, and apply polish again for extra shine.

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