Find And Extract Email Addresses From LinkedIn – Easy Ways

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The Best And Easiest Ways To Find Emails On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular websites to find the contact details of customers and businesses. When you want to get in touch with someone by an email address and know he is a LinkedIn member, follow the ways to find emails on LinkedIn.

Find And Copy-Paste Email Manually

Sign up for a LinkedIn account. Create your LinkedIn account with a username and password. It is free to create an account on LinkedIn.

After creating your profile on LinkedIn, now, you are a member of LinkedIn. Now, LinkedIn allows you to find people by name, zip code, job title, and category. Many people include their contact information, work history, job history, and education in a LinkedIn profile.

Search for the name of the person you want to find on LinkedIn. You will see all the results related to your given name. Click on the targeted profile and open it. You have to click on the button “contact info” to see the email address of the user.  Many profiles keep their contact public. If your personal contact information is public then you are lucky. However, some people choose not to list their email addresses for security reasons.

Send a message to the person if his email address is not listed. LinkedIn allows you to send messages to other profile holders. Tell him who you are and why you want to email. This method is for those who want the email addresses of some specific users. If you want to collect a bulk email database for email marketing, then you have to use the second method.

Find And Copy-Paste Email Autoamtically

The best way to build an email database of customers from LinkedIn without spending too much time or money is by using software like LinkedIn Lead Extractor which will allow you to find and export contact information to your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text files.

The LinkedIn Lead Generation tool does all the work for you; you just need to enter your keywords in the search bar of the software. You can also save your precious time by having this data compiled in one place with accurate, up-to-date information, so it’s easier than ever before to find a person’s contact details on LinkedIn. This is especially important when you need to find and collect bulk emails from LinkedIn.

The advantage of using a LinkedIn scraping tool is that you are not dependent on others for finding contact details from LinkedIn.

What Is A LinkedIn Lead Extractor Software?

A LinkedIn Lead Extractor is a software that you use can use to find emails, phone numbers, social media links, and other contact details from LinkedIn profiles and search results. LinkedIn Contact Extractor is widely used by telemarketers, marketing agencies, recruiters, freelancers, and businesses to find and collect email addresses of customers from LinkedIn to connect with them directly.

9 Best Features Of LinkedIn Lead Extractor

  1. Provide an Email Database and phone number database from LinkedIn For all countries, categories, and industries.
  2. You can use this best LinkedIn Scraper easily even if you are not programmer.
  3. No Repeated Emails And Phone Numbers
  4. No Fake Emails And Mobile Numbers
  5. You can install it on all the latest and older versions of windows.
  6. The LinkedIn Profile Scraper builds a list of emails and phone numbers 100 times faster than a human.
  7. User-friendly interface and coding-free LinkedIn scraping tool.
  8. Export data from LinkedIn profiles to CSV, Excel, and Text files.
  9. Find data on LinkedIn by name, zip code, profile URL, and address of the person or company.

Final Call:

Download LinkedIn Lead Extractor now and start connecting with your targeted user on LinkedIn through their email and phone number whether he/she belongs to any country, city, industry, or state. Create targeted email and cell phone number lists of customers from LinkedIn for marketing in the shortest time using LinkedIn Leads Finder now!

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