Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid In 2022

formal pants for men

For a long time, a wanted to write this article about all the cringe styles. I went through in my journey, I have listed the top 8 fashion mistakes

1. Deep vee with formal pants for men-

earlier v neck t-shirts were considered an essential part of a men’s wardrobe. Massive v necks with too deep necks used to be considered an alpha male. Men broad shoulders and hairy chests looked like urban thugs. It’s time to ditch those and go for a crew neck or round neck T-shirt with formal pants for men.

2. Printed or bright coloured ties-

Oftentimes I come across people wearing bright-coloured ties with bright shirts teaming the two up is a bad idea, people should keep in mind while wearing something that bright you should tone down a little with a bright-coloured shirt neutral or light-coloured ties look best.

3. Sneakers with suits or formal pants-

Wearing sneakers with a suit is not a bad idea it depends on the type of sneakers you choose and vice versa you could wear the perfect pair but make a bad choice when it comes to the suit. Some nice neutral-coloured sneakers look decent with a suit.

4. Bright coloured or printed socks-

I didn’t realise this until someone told me. you don’t have to wear fancy socks, but you should not wear the wrong ones either. Everyone should own some basic colours like black, navy blue and white. White socks should be worn when playing tennis or in the gym. Black or navy ones with a suit and formal pants for men.

5. The wrong fit-

Suits should always be your tailored fit. it doesn’t matter what brand of suit you buy if it doesn’t fit you well. When something is baggy it is obviously too big for you. Super tight fit is also something stupid trend as it is also bad for your body. It applies to trousers and jackets as well.

Points to keep in mind when getting a suit-

  • Waist- Too tight and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Shoulders- It should be the length of your shoulders neither too big nor too tight.
  • Sleeve- They should always break at your elbow.

6. Bowler hats-

The last person I saw wearing a bowler hat was at the office and retired in the early 2000s. it used to be popular in the late 19th and early 20s but in 2022 not in the victorian era anymore. Wear the appropriate hat for the appropriate occasion.

7. 90s sunglasses-

I am sorry but 90s sunglasses were ridiculous not all of them but some. Wrap sunglasses were the worst. People wearing cheap sunglasses with weird and ridiculous designs I am sorry I can’t take you seriously in these. Instead, invest in a good pair of aviators.

8. Cargo pants-

Pants having thousands of pockets sticking out of their midthigh how can something like this can look good. However, there are still some foolish souls who dare to wear them. Instead, jeans are more versatile and nearly go with everything. You can dress up or down in those when paired with a casual white T-shirt it is an effortless yet most stylish look when paired with a pair of jackets and a t-shirt with formal pants for men is a semi-formal look.

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