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Eyebrows Restoration: Procedure And Its Cost

Fashion comes and goes, but the trend of bushy eyebrows is living forever. Therefore, more and more individuals prefer to have fuller and more lengthy growth of eyebrows. However, the natural growth of brows can be affected due to several reasons. Genetics could play a pivotal role in the thin appearance of eyebrows. Some medical complications like burns, accidents, and chemo can also affect their growth. However, restoration of eyebrows can turn thin brows into a fuller and bushy look. Hence, eyebrows restoration is the key to adding volume to thin and unaligned brows. But this is a surgical procedure that needs to be implemented by an expert hair surgeon. Seek its working, cost, and benefits below in this post.

What does restoration of eyebrows do?

Uneven growth and loss of eyebrows could make a negative impact on your facial symmetry. It can also affect your psychological health. However, complete loss of brows is rare, so that it could be partial in certain cases. Alopecia areata is the main cause of the loss of hair above the eyes. But as mentioned earlier that other medical factors can also cause this hair loss. But with an eyebrow hair transplant near me, you can restore hair loss. This is a key procedure that can restore your facial symmetry effectively. The expert hair surgeon will take all safety measures to make the procedure successful and result-driven.

How does eyebrow transplant work?

Well, the procedure of restoring hair loss above the eyes is similar to scalp and beard hair restoration. The procedure is aimed at adding density and shape to the brows. So, the treatment works by implanting natural hairs into the eyebrows site. The surgeon will drag the hair grafts from the donor site and implant them on the brows. The new hairs from the implanted grafts will grow back to deliver a fuller look to the eyebrows. Only individual hairs will not be used for the restoration of brows. But the entire follicles will be removed and implanted in the affected sites. However, it would take 6 to 9 months for the growth of new hairs. Till then, you can notice visible changes in the hairs of your eyebrows. The treatment is mainly performed in combination with FUE to reduce the risk of scarring.

Cost of eyebrow transplant treatment

It is needless to mention that eyebrows restoration is an innovative way to add bulkiness to thin brows. The procedure ultimately is a boon for those who are not able to grow thick brows. So, this treatment is a viable solution to beat this curse forever. Also, this treatment costs far less than other cosmetic procedures like scalp hair restoration. The reason is that only 200 to 300 grafts are needed for the full restoration of brows. Thus, the price of treatment would exactly depend upon the number of hair grafts required. Moreover, this is a shorter procedure that only takes 2 to 3 hours to be accomplished. Therefore, the cost for this treatment would vary from 2000 to 6000 dollars on average. However, the cost can fluctuate as per your individual needs and requirements.

Benefits of eyebrow hair transplant

Natural look

This is the best advantage that you would certainly want to achieve with this treatment. The hairs for brow restoration will be collected from the natural scalp. Thus, the selection of donor’s hairs will bring natural outcomes by growing the implanted hairs back. Sometimes, the surgeon may prefer to use the body’s hair for restoration procedures. This could be designed to bring more refined results to the treatment.

Permanent solution

Having thin brows would ultimately want you to use a pencil to replicate the thick brows. You may also have to undergo the process of microblading. Hence, you have to shred your money again and again. But, with an eyebrow hair transplant near me, you can attain permanent results of brow transplantation. The newly grown hairs will not lose their strength and give you freedom from microblading. This is a one-time investment that will make your spending truly worth it.

Aligned shape

Having thin brows would never provide you with the desired shape and alignment of eyebrows. They will not look aligned and miss the natural arch. Hence, eyebrow transplantation can help you achieve an aligned brows shape. The hair surgeon would fix the uneven shape of the brows by adding more grafts. Thus, you will be able to get naturally-grown brows with sharp edges. This would certainly make your facial appearance attractive.

To sum up

Eyebrows restoration is an innovative technique that can eradicate all the cosmetic flaws related to brows. This is a pre-planned treatment that can add volume to your brows. Therefore, you can attain the right length, density, and volume to thin the growth of brows. Also, this treatment can mitigate the scars presented in the place of eyebrows. The naturally grown hairs will conceal the scars effectively. 

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