Everything You Need To Know About Remote Proctoring – Education 2.0 Conference

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Since the introduction of remote learning, teachers have worked hard to ensure that students get an education as close as possible to what they would get in a traditional classroom. Among other things, this means taking steps to make it harder for students to cheat on online tests.

Moreover, it is getting harder for the teachers to ensure the children are not cheating. This is where Remote Proctoring comes into use, and it is a hot topic of discussion at 2022’s premier education events in the USA.

What is Remote Proctoring?

A service called “remote proctoring” is used to verify and keep an eye on candidates far away during exams. During online tests, technology could help stop cheating. You could save a lot of money if you didn’t have to take the test at several different places.

Remote proctoring is the process of checking, approving, and regulating the process of giving an online test in a way that is scaled up. It is a technology that lets businesses do assessments at any time and place, ensuring that all safety standards are met.

What are the Proctoring Technologies used to Stop Cheating on Online Exams?

Online Authentication of Identification-

Students are taking advantage of the fact that online tests can be taken from far away, like at home, so they can have someone else take the test for them. You can take these tests from anywhere in the world where you can get on the internet. Because of this, it is essential to make sure that no one cheats on an online test by requiring strict candidate ID authentication. This will make sure that the exam stays true to itself.

Pattern Recognition-

Every time someone cheats, they have to do things in a particular order. The AI can look at the data and find patterns, and it does this by looking at the already available data and trying to figure out if there are any patterns in it. Many USA’s top education events, including the Education 2.0 Conference, have discussed this technology and how it helps stop cheating.

Safe Browser for the Test –

The Safe and Secure Browser is a next-generation anti-cheating lockdown browser that helps stop cheating while it is happening on screen. It lets you host a test in a very safe and secure environment and decide ahead of time what kinds of apps and websites are allowed.

Eye movement detection-

When Eye Movement Detection is combined with AI, it can track how the applicant’s eyes move to tell if they are looking directly at the screen or something else, like a book or a cell phone. Eye movements that point to unethical behavior are recorded to determine whether the applicant has used dishonest methods.


Proctoring is a way to stop cheating because it checks the identities of the people taking the test and makes it impossible for them to cheat while taking the test. Auto proctoring, as the name suggests, is a way of proctoring that uses software that was made just for that purpose.


Online proctoring, done through the candidate’s internet connection, can use the candidate’s web camera. It can record every part of an exam session, from the very beginning to the very end. It can do this not only with video but also with screenshots, chat logs, and photos. You can learn more about it by attending education events in the USA.

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