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ERP software development


Develop the performance of your business!

Mavenup Creatives is a 360* development agency that designs relevant digital products to meet the needs of your users. In the desire to be an antithesis of classic web agencies or ESN, we assure you our customers a result and support in the long term! And among the essential needs of any company, the optimization of management and steering processes has become a crucial element. This is why ERP software development company offers services to help you increase productivity, performance and profitability!

What is an ERP in a company?

An ERP system for Enterprise resource planning is enterprise resource planning software used to manage the day-to-day activities of a business. The functionalities of an ERP allow the management and supervision of internal operations in several areas related to the company’s activity, such as:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources and payroll
  • Logistics, transport and inventory management
  • Sales and Purchases
  • Production planning
  • Project management
  • Subcontracting, maintenance and quality monitoring
  • Suppliers and commercial management.
  • ERP is software that centralizes the management and control of a company’s activity.

How to develop an ERP?

Integrating a management software package must apply a method meticulously adapted to the company and follow specific steps to obtain an optimal result. Developing an ERP involves following each of the following phases:

  • Carry out an audit of the practices and uses of the company
  • Evaluate the technical and functional needs of the future ERP software
  • Choose the ERP solution in line with the specifications and the desired functionalities
  • Put the chosen ERP into production with data migration
  • Train future business users
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the software

Conversely, poor management or lack of skills in developing an ERP can cause significant losses to your business. So do not hesitate to seek advice from an Mavenup Creatives consultant to develop the ERP adapted to your company’s needs.

What is the purpose of an ERP?

The objective of an ERP is to centralize all of a company’s data and make it available to all employees. ERP systems also ensure transparency of processes by following them in all their aspects, be it production, logistics or finance.

In Different words, the objective of an ERP is to act as the nerve center of a company to present complete data and workflows accessible to each department to gain productivity, performance and, therefore, profitability!

Why do we use an ERP?

ERP has become an essential tool for VSEs and SMEs who want to develop their business. But it is also an undeniable asset for budding companies that need precise and reliable information to develop their project.

The use of an ERP offers:

  • A gain in productivity thanks to a single database
  • Cost optimization
  • Better management of material resources and operational processes
  • The fluid flow of information
  • A complete view of this information for better decision-making

ERP, therefore, has essential advantages for developing an activity or a business project. This is why Mavenup Creatives offers to support you in implementing the ERP tool adapted to your company.

The difference between an ERP and a PGI

ERP and PGI, for Integrated Management Software, are two terms that designate the same thing. That is software that covers the entire organization and functions of a company. The PGI, like the ERP, has several modules or independent software used by the common database. They, therefore, make it possible to improve the company’s organization and minimize the costs linked to its use.

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