Detailed Instructions on How to Draw A Simple Owl


Detailed Instructions on How to Draw A Simple Owl. The silly part of drawing a very simple owl is that the substitute has various closed shapes. There are a variety of good perspectives by holding the wings for specific directional curves and the belly with feather-like shells in that owl drawing.

This variety of rehash columns could be coloured anyway, or create your rainbow designs. You’re asking a room full of young people to make a decision; there won’t be two indistinguishable.


  • Drawing paper
  • Dark sign
  • Coloured pencils
  • Guidelines

The time needed: 30 minutes.

Draw An owl

  1. Draw a giant U-shaped body shape.
  2. Add two simple ears and wings.
  3. Draw a line of the nose and cheeks.
  4. Add two large circular eyes.
  5. Add more modest circles in the interior.
  6. Define the edges on the wings.
  7. Add lines of scallops.
  8. Draw a limbo of a tree below.
  9. Follow with markers and variety.

Strategy 2

Cool owl design

Do you need to teach a young bird the most clever way to draw an owl?

Take some crafting materials and trace them with these 6 easy drawing steps. We will present you with the basics of drawing a superb owl.

This illustration takes about 20 minutes and has a PDF file at the bottom of the example that you can undoubtedly print or download. The PDF guide also includes a shadow book-like page with only line processing. It has a positive effect on pastel pencils, gradient pencils or markers. It is excellent for tiny children who need extra guidance and hopes to hide in a cold owl.

Figuring out how to draw is more fun when you follow an easy-to-understand illustration. Keep trying!


  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Pastels or blended pencils
  • Dark marker (optional)

This example will gradually show you how to draw a covered owl. We will pay attention to the states of each part and the choice of lines drawn to make sure the drawing looks correct.

The time needed: 20 minutes.

Step 1

Frame the body. Using your pencil, draw an oval shape that will be the base for the superb owl’s body

Step 2

Draw the wings. Create the bird’s wings on the right half of the body. Remember that it covers the oval shape.

Step 3

Add the tail. Then at this point, draw a long tail under the wings. It will also cover a piece of the body.

Step 4

Draw the head, eyes and beak. The shape of the cold owl’s head resembles our thumb. Make sure you connect the head to the body, much like the example. Then draw two big eyes in the head. From this point, remove the square nose under the eyes.

Step 5

Add the feet. Remember to tuck the ice owl’s paws under the body. It has enormous hooks.

Step 6

Complete the drawing. The frosty owl has identifying markings around its body. The base tone for the bird is white. Feel free to put some shadows to make the design lusher.

Drawing Completed

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