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Characteristics Of A Good Research Topic You Must Consider

Good Research Topic


Research work is the most important assignment at a high academic level. At a bachelor’s level, you usually experience this task for the first time. Research work can be the most exciting or difficult task for you. The foundation of your work is a good research topic. Research work is not an assignment of two or three weeks, but you have to work on it for a long time. The minimum time would be for one year. For such a long time, if the area of research is not the best fit for you, it would cause serious problems.

For example, you are a student of environmental sciences. It has different domains, including waste management and water quality. Take waste management and water quality into consideration. Your area of interest is water quality, and you have expertise in it. Now, somehow you have to research waste management. Neither is your area of interest nor expertise. You would have to put extra effort into your research work in this case.

1. What are the Characteristics of a Good Research Topic?

A good research topic is the first stair that decides the performance of your whole journey. As per the importance of the topic, this article aims to discuss the characteristics of a good research topic. Following are some characteristics of a good research topic:

  • Interesting

Based on the in-build qualities, all students’ areas of interest differ. Some students like to find a solution to things. On the other hand, some students are too weak in it. If you are good enough to work on different topics, unique topics can be a good option. A good research topic must be interesting for you. If you do not have any particular area of interest, then you are in a pickle. Even if you want to work on some interesting question, it would still have to be according to your expertise or main field. You may think that you can work on an uninteresting topic, but it will cause severe trouble. Therefore, you must get dissertation proposal help in this regard.

  • Manageable

Another characteristic of a good research topic is that it needs to be manageable. The workload of research work is more than you have to complete before the deadline. To complete research work, the availability of resources is critical. With limited resources, you may not be able to manage all your work. If a research topic is not manageable, it is not a good topic. The selection of un-manageable topics can cause a delay in your work.

  • Significant

From the list of characteristics of a good research topic, significance needs prime importance. Research on an insignificant topic is a waste of effort and time. How would you feel if you saw one year’s effort was all wasted? It would be a huge disappointment for you. If you do not want to face this situation, it is necessary to focus on the significance of the research topic and the relevant research present on it.

  • Current Importance

Challenging and current issues topics are considered a good research topic. The researcher takes these topics as ones with importance in the current field of work. In 2021 the current issue topic was Covid-19. It was challenging for a researcher to work on it. Similarly, you can find a good research topic for your time. The topic must have a link to your field.

Suppose you are a doctor. You can make a topic like:


Similarly, suppose you are an Engineer. You can reshape this topic as follows:


2. What is the Most Important Thing to Consider When Choosing a Research Topic?

When choosing a research topic, you cannot go for random selection. There are many things to consider before choosing a research topic. You have to see which one is a better fit for you from different research areas. The most important thing to consider is the pre-research on the topics. The pre-research helps in evaluating the worth of the topic. In pre-research, the most important thing is to check if the topic has resources for literature or not.

The topics of research can be one of the following types:

  • Unexplored
  • Unsaturated
  • Current issue

There can be some topic that is half explored or completely unexplored. In the half-explored topic, you can find some available resources. Another topic type is an entirely new topic. This type of topic is termed a unique one. The unique or innovative topic of research is the most challenging task. When choosing a good research topic, pre-research helps you understand the topic. It guides you if the selected topic has some ground base or not. Not all unique topics are researchable. There is a clear difference between researchable and non-researchable topics. In pre-research, the literature evaluation guides you if the topic is worth researching or not.

Another best thing about pre-research is that it helps identify unsaturated topics. An unsaturated topic is also termed a research gap. In this case, you can find a lot of literature. The availability of resources makes it easy to deal with your task. So, you can make a good research topic with the help of pre-research.

Furthermore, pre-research can assist you in identifying your interest. If you are not sure about your area of interest, you must have to spend time on pre-research.

Final Thoughts

All of the characteristics mentioned above can help you develop an effective and a good research topic. One thing must be clear in your mind: all characteristics have the same importance. Do not skip any point, and you will surely end up with a good research topic.

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