CAT Online Coaching – Perks of CAT Online Preparation

Cat Online coaching

Wanting to prepare for CAT but at the ease of your home? When CAT is just a few months away, not sure where and how to start from? 

Hitbullseye can be your one stop solution for CAT online preparation. With its more than two decade long experience in the test-preparation industry and strong credentials, Hitbullseye provides a great amount of material for online preparation of CAT. The available material has been developed under the supervision of highly experienced and qualified experts. The material available online can be accessed by anyone through their website.

But why opt for CAT online coaching?

Online mode of learning has its own perks. For example, availability of content online helps to have ready access anywhere and anytime. Whenever one feels comfortable and free to study, they can take classes. There are more advantages of preparing for CAT online, these include:

  1. Flexibility in terms of the timings of the classes, mocks, CAT exercises. One can decide their own schedule of preparation. There is no pressure to abide by the rigid coaching time-table. 
  2. Online CAT preparation also helps to cut down on time invested in traveling to coaching centers. It helps save time
  3. Since in the online mode, infrastructural investment is low, the online CAT courses tend to be more cost effective
  4. CAT aspirants can make their own schedule and learn at their own pace. In the online mode, one does not have the pressure to match with the pace of the whole class. Individual goals can be set by the individual itself and thereby one tends to have more control over their learning.
  5. Since in the online mode various platforms are used to discuss and debate, the learners have the opportunity to engage with the peers even after the classes at mutually convenient timings. This way the scope for peer-learning increases.

With all these benefits, one can strategically study and get effective results.

If someone does not opt for offline coaching, they can also engage in self-study. There is ample free content out there for CAT online Coaching. Various youtube channels as well as certain coaching centers provide free and easy to access material to CAT aspirants. Similarly, Hitbullseye has a lot of content to offer to its target audience for CAT online preparation. The content is available on their website. It can be easily accessed by anyone. The content has been developed by the team of experts who have put forth the syllabus of CAT in a very comprehensive manner. 

How to go about CAT online preparations?

CAT and other MBA entrance exams demand strategic studying. To ace these exams certain ideas must be kept in mind.

  • Take mocks

To test the waters, one can start off with taking mocks. Mocks help individuals to understand the exam pattern better. It can also help in analyzing the areas of weakness and strength and thereby the further plan of action can be laid out. 

  • Be clear of the exam structure

CAT is conducted in the CBT mode. It has three major sections: VARC; Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, DI&LR; Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and QA; Quantitative Aptitude. Each section has objective as well as subjective questions with timing allotted to each section. Overall, the question paper consists of 100 questions. 

  • Time Management

Once the syllabus is known and the areas of weakness and strengths are identified, accordingly the time that must be dedicated to each section or concept must be estimated. Since CAT has sectional timings allotted to each section, time management becomes a crucial part of the preparation. Preparing to solve each section accurately in the given time is very important.

  • Be sure of the study material

Check your sources before relying on the information provided. Since CAT is all about testing your aptitude, its syllabus is not bound within the factual limits of a concept, rather conceptual understanding is of more value in this case. Therefore, one must be very careful while selecting their study material for CAT preparation. Read testimonials of toppers and experts to figure out the best books out there.

  • Don’t break the cycle of practicing and Evaluating

Acing the CAT demands rigorous practice. Initially, take up topic-wise tests and then move towards practicing sectional tests. Later, practice with full-length mock tests.  In the process, the performance must be analyzed. Mock analysis would help in keeping a track of your progress and would also help identify areas that need improvement. Accordingly, the successive study plans can be laid out.

These strategies would make CAT preparation more effective and efficient. With a well thought plan for CAT preparation, individuals tend to feel more control over their learning and thereby feel confident. Having faith and being confident of what you know, helps fetch better results.

Whether you are preparing for CAT online or offline, systematic and strategic preparation will help fetch good results.


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