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Can Kundli Matching Reveal How Your Spouse Will Be With Your Family?


Marriage brings two people together. In most cases, especially in India, it also brings two families together. If both families do not get along, it can spell trouble for the couple. Many parents in India do tend to interfere in their child’s marital life, with good or bad intentions, as the case may be. And sometimes, your spouse may be the one who has problems with your family. So how can you find out before the marriage if your spouse will get along with your family?

It’s simple. Just do Kundli Matching with the help of a good astrologer. By matching your horoscope with your would-be spouse’s horoscope, the astrologer will be able to find out if your spouse will have a good relationship with your family members.

Astrologers study the 7th House in a birth chart to find out the details about your future spouse. If you are a woman, they will also study the position of Jupiter in your chart, as it signifies the husband.

Mother-in-law’s nature

In the male’s horoscope, the 10th House represents the wife’s mother. It is the 4th from the 7th House (wife). In the woman’s horoscope, Jupiter represents the husband. So, astrologers study the 4th House from Jupiter to know about the husband’s mother. Thus, the important factors are the Lord of the 10th House, the planets in the 10th House, the planets in the 4th House from Jupiter, and the Lord of the 4th House from Jupiter.

Many planets must be looked at for the mother-in-law, and the most powerful planet has to be identified. The planet which has the greatest influence is the mother-in-law’s ruling planet. If the House has its own Lord or a favorable planet in it, she may be a considerate person. If it is an ordinary friendly planet, she may be a little domineering.

Father-in-law’s nature

In a man’s horoscope, the 7th House represents the wife, while the 10th House from the wife is her father. Hence, the 4th House will be the man’s father-in-law. In the woman’s horoscope, Jupiter signifies the husband. Hence, the 10th House from Jupiter will represent the husband’s father. In this way, we can get more than one planet. The planets of interest are those in the 4th House and the 10th House from Jupiter. The Lord of the 4th House and the Lord of the 10th House from Jupiter are also significant.

When one studies the different planets, the most powerful or weakest planet for the father-in-law can be identified.

Brother-in-law Or Sister-in-law’s nature

The 3rd House from the Ascendant represents your brother or sister. From the 7th House, which represents the spouse, the 3rd House, that is, the 9th House of the Horoscope signifies the brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
If Jupiter is present in the chart, from Jupiter’s place, one must count the 3rd House to know about the brother-in-law or sister-in-law. Jupiter’s placement is important, so we can study the brother-in-law or the sister-in-law from only two positions. If there is a cruel planet like Rahu or Mars in the 9th House, it means arguments with the siblings of the spouse. Friendly planets like Jupiter, Moon, or Venus mean good relations with the spouse’s siblings.

The Functional Relationship of the Houses

If the House Lords occupy a weak House from your Lagna, the results will be as follows:

a. Troubled relationships with your spouse’s siblings.
b. They will cause problems in your life.
c. You will cause problems in their life.
d. The spouse’s siblings may have problems in their life after your marriage takes place.

For instance, if the 3rd House Lord occupies the weak 8th House in your chart, then the results will be as follows:

You will have difficult relations with your father-in-law.
You will be affected by your father-in-law.
Your father-in-law may cause problems in your life.
Your father-in-law could face issues in his finances, career, health, or personal life once.

Through the process of Kundali Matching, you can find out if your spouse will have a good relationship with your family members. This is very important for the success of the marriage and your happiness. In some cases, marriages have broken due to poor relationships between the spouse and in-laws after the marriage. Even if the marriage endures, there will be no peace and harmony between the couple because of such issues.

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