Business Benefits of React JS & React Native

React Native vs React JS

Features Of React JS

  • JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension)- It is a combination of HTML and JavaScript and a JSX expression starts with an HTML-like open tag and ends with the corresponding closing tag. In addition, the JSX tags support the XML self-close syntax and allow you to optionally leave the closing tag off.
  • Virtual DOM- The virtual DOM is an exact copy of the real DOM. In addition, it is a programming concept where a “virtual”, representation of a UI is kept in memory and synced with the “real” DOM by a library. Moreover, The Virtual DOM is updated first and finds the difference between real DOM and Virtual DOM.
  • One-way Data Binding- It is a unidirectional data flow that transfers data from top to bottom i.e., from parent components to child components. In addition, only one of the following conditions can be followed in this approach. Component to View that reflects the change in component data in the view or the view to the component that reflects the changes in view data to the component.

Business Advantages of React JS

React JS provides DOM that is useful for viewing agreement on data inputs and outputs. It allows you to reuse code components and thus saving you a lot of time. In addition, it helps in improving the SEO of your web app by rendering pages completely, from server to browser. React JS helps in improving the debugging speed and makes the development process faster and easier. There are many React JS Training Institute in Noida and one can enroll in them to learn it. Apart from these, given below are some of the business advantages of React JS.

  • It offers cross-browser compatibility and allows a business to easily reach customers who aren’t ready to download a mobile app.
  • It is useful in creating apps that provide 24×7 availability and accessibility to customers with a great user experience.
  • React JS provides you with highly responsive web apps to maintain transparency and communication with your customers.
  • This JavaScript library provides you with a chatbot that facilitates round-the-clock customer support.
  • It is useful in developing a well-built web application that helps in widening your brand’s visibility.

Features Of React Native

  • UI Focussed- Designing the User Interface (UI) of the app is a significant factor and React Native is useful in designing the User Interface (UI) of the app. In addition, it is thoroughly responsive and has great rendering capabilities, therefore, the global development community is fond of it.
  • Tried & Tested- It is a tried and tested app development framework and many of the leading companies trust it. Various leading companies like Skype, Uber Eats, Walmart, Microsoft, and Airbnb are using it. Moreover, the brand image of Facebook helps React Native to become a reliable name in the app development industry.
  • This framework ensures optimum performance in a mobile environment. It comes with various features, components & libraries that can assist the developer to enhance the performance of the app. In addition, it provides a developer with various tips and tricks useful for optimizing the performance of react-native applications.

Business Advantages of React Native

React Native is an open-source community-driven framework that allows developers to access all relevant documentation without any cost. It offers great performance and leverages graphics processing units for speeding up the applications. In addition, React Native Apps comes with various UI components that help in improving the performance and customer experience. Many institutes provide React Native Training in Delhi and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the business benefits of using React Native.

  • It comes with live reloading that facilitates a fast refresh of the code and provides the best possible developer experience.
  • React Native eliminates the need for writing code as it provides UI components that have codes already written in them.
  • It facilitates code reusability and allows a developer to use the same code for various platforms such as Android or iOS.
  • It facilitates rapid development & maintenance by allowing the development of two applications through a shared codebase.
  • This framework comes with various libraries to ease the entire application development. Examples are Enzyme, Jest, and Mocha.
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