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Bobblehead dolls are very unconventional gifts

You can quickly give your father another tie that you will probably never wear in your life, but is he a little older for the gift of Father’s Day? Especially if your dad is a little … unconventional. After all, the unconventional guy needs some extravagant gifts like Bobblehead dolls!

Nomad’s foldable water bottle

If your dad loves to go out for walks and hikes outdoors, Nomader’s collapsible water bottles are a great gift for him. Made of 100% food safety material, it can handle hot and cold drinks, is dishwasher safe and leak-free like all other excellent water bottles.

However, the biggest attraction of this water bottle is that it is foldable. This means that people can fold the bottle very easily for more accessible storage. Your dad doesn’t have to struggle to put a water bottle in his backpack or purse for a while. And hold all of his liquid gifts, including the tea gifts you give him.

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic

What is more unconventional than an explosion from the past? If your dad was old enough to have NES as his first gaming system, it reminds me that he has a Classic Edition. The system has about 30 classic games that you and your dad can play, and spending the afternoon as it used to be is a lot of fun.

Custom bobblehead doll

Bobblehead dolls are very unconventional. The seller uses 100% polymer clay to make each doll. That’s all. The entire bobble is made of clay, so there is no paint, mold or resin. In addition, each bobblehead doll is created from the images you send, so you can capture all your dad’s favorite memories.

If your dad has a favorite photo or a favorite memory you want to take as well as a photo, getting a personalized bobblehead doll is a great gift he has to give.

Lord of the Rings Chess

If you have parents who love Strategy, Chess, and JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth world, this Lord of the Rings chess set is the perfect combination of all three. The set includes 32 engraved pewter pieces made with the utmost care in detail to bring the movie characters to life while moving them on the board. It certainly brings new and higher stakes to each game of chess, as your father not only fights to defeat the opponent’s king, but also removes the circle of power from the board.

TRAKKACTIV Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Being outdoors is not fun without music. Why don’t you ride your bicycle and try your favorite songs? This easy-to-connect Bluetooth speaker fits most bikes and is strong enough to handle any trail. In addition, the speakers are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and stainproof, so you can listen to your own songs and songs from FM radio.

In addition, if you are cycling in traffic, you can beat the traffic noise with advanced 16 watts extended technology. But of course, nothing prevents your dad from riding with his favorite songs.

Patented Maxi-Matic Instant Coffee / Beverage Cooler

Sometimes I just want to make everything a little cooler. The patented Maxi-Matic Instant Coffee / Beverage Cooler maximizes the cooling of the drinks your dad wants. You can easily turn regular coffee into iced coffee in the product in 60 seconds. It’s compatible with all types of coffee, so no matter how much you like your dad, you can get iced instant coffee.

However, people can use it for other types of drinks such as tea, wine and even juice. As long as I can pour the drink into the cooler box, your dad can cool the drink! But of course, once you’ve experienced a momentary cooling, you’ll never be able to drink a hot drink again!

Art of Sports Charcoal Body Bar

From time to time, every dad needs to clean up, and if your dad wants to know what’s in his soap and deodorant, the art of sports is one of the best ways to help his skin care. is. Athletes have designed the Art of Sport to accommodate their father’s active lifestyle, and all formulas are made from natural ingredients.

If your dad wants to rejuvenate with citrus, eucalyptus and other natural scents, you may want the Charcoal Body Bar Collection!

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