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ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are practic

Perhaps, today there is not a single person left who would doubt the practicality and versatility of such a finishing material as ceramic tiles. It is widely used in construction like subway tiles or waterline pool tiles and can be used in several ways: for flooring, wall cladding, and other internal and external surfaces of a building. The choice of one or another type of tile depends, first of all, on the operating conditions and on the technological features of the room itself.

The most intense impact on the flooring is walking, and the degree of wear of the flooring can be different depending on where the apartment is located. Obviously, the floor in the room, which is located on the first floor of a country house with a small garden, will wear out faster than the same floor in a city apartment on the fifth floor. When choosing ceramic tiles for a bathroom, living room, corridor, office or hall, you should pay attention to the following characteristics. Strength, surface hardness, resistance to dirt, and chemically active substances. Consider the color of the tile (after all, dirt becomes much more noticeable on the surface of bright colors). And the texture of its surface (shiny surfaces are more prone to scratching).

Tiles are used to decorate bathrooms

Traditionally, tiles are used to decorate bathrooms. This is not surprising. Indeed, in the bathroom, all surfaces are constantly in contact with chemically active substances, with substances that constantly leave stains (for example, decorative cosmetics, personal hygiene products). With various types of household chemicals. That is why ceramic tiles, which have not only high strength properties. But also resistance to chemicals, dirt, moisture, are so popular. Pay attention to the products of well-known European brands, usually their range includes a wide range of colors, shapes and shades.

The requirements for ceramic tiles for finishing industrial premises, of course, are completely different. Here, loads of a completely different kind act on the floor. Constantly moving vehicles, other technological equipment, various kinds of mechanical loads (personnel walking, dust, sand and shavings), chemical reagents. Also, industrial facilities are subject to increased safety requirements. Because due to an accidental spill of liquid on the floor, you can slip and injure yourself. If food is handled indoors, all surfaces must be able to be thoroughly cleaned.

Tiles must be in high quality

All of the above conditions will correspond to tiles with a fairly dense base, which also has a large thickness. The tiles must have particularly high wear resistance, be chemically resistant. Have a hard and dense surface that does not allow dirt to penetrate inside and facilitate cleaning. If there is a risk of slipping, tiles with a grooved surface should be used. Or anti-slip flooring should be laid on the floor.

The technology for the production of ceramic tiles is such that often even within the same batch one can observe at least small. But still discrepancies in overall dimensions and flatness. These differences are carefully controlled in order to prevent the formation of marriage and surface defects. The tiles are sorted into several grades. The best, but also the most expensive is the first grade.


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