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Best Gifts You Can Give to Your Neighbours

Best Gifts

The Eid celebrations feel incomplete unless we meet and greet people. Visiting neighbors and welcoming guests is what makes Eid joyous. This festive occasion is also a time to find gifts for your neighbors. So, we decided to share some eid gifts for your lovely neighbors.

Box of dates

It is traditional to gift sweets and local dishes. However, a box of dates is an uncommon yet brilliant idea. Dates are precious from a religious perspective as well. Several health benefits of dates are also reported in Ahadith. Therefore, the box of dates is a yummy and nutritious gift. The chocolate-coated dates are also a favorite treat for children. More variations include deseeded dates with almonds or other nuts insides. You might find some of these in nearby stores.

As an additional gift tip, we would also like to remind you to be considerate of diabetic neighbors.

2- Homemade dishes or baked items

The best way to express affection towards your neighbors is to prepare food for them. Homecooked meals or cakes are gifts with effort. It makes them more valuable than anything.

3- Ornamental or Herbal plants

Do you have neighbors who have a pretty garden? You may gift your neighbors mint, aloe vera, or flowering plants. Mint gives a soothing fragrance and has its usage as an herb. Aloe vera is also a favorite plant of many. You can get any potted plant and gift it to plant-loving neighbors. There is a variety of indoor plants too. Plants that are easy to maintain and care for would be more suitable to gift.

4- Fruit basket

Gifting a basket of fruits is a common tradition. To make it aesthetic, get a variety of fruits and decorate the basket. Different seasonal fruits would contribute to the color variation in the basket. As much as your neighbors would be happy to have it, you would also find joy in selecting the fruits.

5- Neighbors who love chocolate

A box of chocolates or donuts is a gift anyone would love to receive. Who doesn’t like chocolates and donuts?

6- Dried fruits

A bag of dried fruits such as almonds, pistachios, and cashew nuts is a perfect gift for any occasion. Several online stores sell packed gift boxes. Rather than buying a bag of a single type of dry fruit, gift boxes are more attractive and creative. If these gift boxes are inaccessible from your place, you can also make your custom gift pack with a sectioned box and add the dry fruits of your choice. Besides nuts, dried cranberries, apricots, and figs are also good options for your gift box.

7- For the neighbors, you know very well

So many eid gifts, add another lovely one! Where food items are common to gift to any neighbor, there are some neighbors you know closely.  For these neighbors, you can buy personalized gifts such as a wall clock, lamp, fairy lights, crystal decoration pieces, or toys for their kids.

8- Help them if they are struggling!

One of the best things you can do for your neighbor helps help with a problem they cannot find any answers to. Sometimes, the financial woes can improve a person, which is why it is extremely important to keep an eye on how things are with your neighbors. If you feel they need financial assistance, giving them some donations is highly recommended. Of course, you have to be extremely careful how you give this money to your neighbor. The core values of self-respect and integrity must not be challenged at any point. Dhul hijjah donations are one fine way of doing this, the eid al Adha donations that you make can bring a smile to someone’s face. You can also give your Dhul Hijjah donation or eid al Adha donations to a welfare or trust organization, for example, Transparent Hands

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