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Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Fatty Liver

Ayurvedic Treatments for Fatty Liver

The liver functions as the body’s main filtering system and is also a multi-tasker in nature. It’s a vital component of the body’s control system. It converts toxins to waste cleans blood as well as metabolizes medications and nutrients. And supplies the body with some essential proteins.

Due to its multiple capacities, the liver has an impact on all aspects of health and well-being. This was well-known in the past in India and Ayurvedic physicians developed a variety of ways to stop and treat liver diseases. Their knowledge of liver disease and treatment methods provides several of the best home remedies. As well as Ayurvedic treatment options that treat Fatty Liver.

How Does Ayurveda For Fatty Liver Work?

Ayurved considers the liver to be “hot” or “pitting” (energy of pitta). In Ayurveda when the liver fails to function properly, it causes an imbalance in Vata and Pitta as well as Kapha doshas. It emphasizes the importance of keeping a healthy liver in mind as it is the main organ responsible for controlling the physical and mental aspects associated with Pitha humor. It attributes the presence of liver problems and congestion to excess heat trapped within the liver.

If you’re a person with a strong, pitta digestion, you are able to handle huge quantities of raw salads. This helps to cool and balance the excess heat. A lot of fiery energy can cause physical discomfort. It is focused on getting rid of this congestion by cooling the organs, not just through herbal remedies, but also by making lifestyle adjustments.

milk Thistle:

Popular in recent times as a liver tonic milk thistle has been proven to lower inflammation of the liver. Recent studies have demonstrated positive results. It can reverse the effects of chemical exposure to the liver and also prevents liver toxicity during chemotherapy. Due to its non-toxic nature, it is safe to take for months and is used in most herbal medicines and natural remedies to improve the health of your liver. Therefore, to get Ayurvedic treatment for your fatty liver, contact Ayurveda Hospital in Jaipur. 

Turmeric Extract

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities of haldi or turmeric are well-known. Studies have shown that the extract of turmeric appears to be so potent that. It has been proven to guard against damage to the liver and protect your organs. From harm caused by toxins. This is good news for those taking powerful medicines for diabetes or for other ailments that can harm their livers over the course of long-term usage. This is not surprising, as it is the main ingredient in all ayurvedic remedies for the liver.

Aloe Vera Juice

The juice of aloe vera is perfect for liver health because it’s high in phytonutrients and hydrating. It’s a thick, gooey liquid that comes from the aloe plant leaf. Drinking water aids in the body’s cleansing process by allowing it to flush out and purge impure substances. This eases the burden on the liver and is among the most effective ayurvedic remedies for fatty liver available.


Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus Niruri) is often referred to as ‘Dukong Anak as well as Bhumi Amalaki in Sanskrit. The entire plant has medicinal properties, which are supported by Ayurveda, Ayurveda that treats. Bhumi Amla can help with digestion issues as well as acidity because of its pitta balance property. Two teaspoons of Bhumi Amla Juice daily is one of the top Ayurvedic treatment options for Fatty Liver because of its known antioxidant and antiviral functions.

Triphala Juice

One of the most well-known traditional Ayurvedic formulas is Triphala. triphala can be described as a mixture of 3 plants that are native to India including amla triturate, bibhitaki, and the haritaki. It assists in maintaining a healthy bowel and metabolism and is commonly utilized in conjunction with Ayurvedic liver treatment. Triphala helps reduce the burden of toxic substances on the liver, as it is a fantastic digestive treatment for the liver. It also is a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that help protect the liver. You can locate Triphala juice to be a healthy and sweet juice that can be used regularly.


Often referred to by the names of Hogweed, Sterling, Tarvine in English, Mukarati Kirei in Tamil, Raktakunda, and Shothaghni in Sanskrit, punarnava is most popularly regarded as a remedy for liver disease Ayurved as a herb that is used to treat kidney diseases. But its powerful cleansing and purifying effects make punarnava one of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies to treat fatty liver as well as other liver-related diseases.


Rich in calories and fats, nuts are great for your gut. There is evidence that nuts can increase the levels of enzymes in your liver. Regular consumption of walnuts aids in detoxifying the liver since. Almonds are also rich in vitamins that support the liver. One of the easiest methods to ensure good liver health is to ensure that you only consume a few almonds each day in order to aid your Ayurvedic treatment to treat fatty liver

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