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Online Teaching GuideLine


Education as an institution is the basic pillar of every community. The structure of this institution decides the future of that society at later stages. However, students have to face difficulties while going through the phase of attaining education. These difficulties are catered to by the emerging technologies being created around us with each passing moment. This technological boom is encompassing every aspect of an individual life. So education is not an exception for it.


Both education and technological boost correlate to each other and both add value to each other. The world of educational system we are having today is so because of these technologies. Education has never been this easier before where students are fortunate enough to access best dissertation writing services UK with a single click to access professionals. 2022 is surely reshaping the education system with new technology projects at the same pace. When the education system is revolutionized with technologies it will be improved which in turn would result in the introduction of new technologies further so both are correlated to each other.

Here are 7 new technologies that will change online teaching in 2022 mentioned below. 


Adaptive learning is a fragment of technology that considers the needs of students within a short period. Students with unique learning styles and behavior are provided learning activities in accordance with each of them. Its name shows the regard it invests in the learning ability of the students at the individual level.

Research undertaken in this regard proves that adaptive learning is going to play a huge role in online teaching in 2022 as it allows teachers to make assessments regarding their students within a short span of time. This technology uses computer algorithms to mobilize the interaction of the teacher with students. Critics view it as a part of artificial intelligence but it has uniquely designed customized resources which address the needs of a learner. The level of the growth that adaptive learning is enjoying right now casts a brighter picture of it becoming a method that will change the online teaching experience in 2022. 


Automation technology means a system that operates automatically. This technology favors the most to businesses with growing engagements nowadays. Teachers through automation can deliver their lectures according to their suitable schedule however these lectures would be digitally schedule which means that students will receive these lectures at a specific time. By 2022 teaching sector is surely going to get benefit from this technology. 


A major goal of a teacher is not just to fulfill the formality of delivering lectures as his job does not end here. He wants to analyze a better understanding of results. Learning analytics is a technology that is used by teachers for efficient tracking and analyzing the results of learning behavior and rate. This allows the teachers to stand the chance of imparting improvements to the course at targeted levels by providing dissertation proofreading services to each student. Education in fact revolves around the concept of improvement so this will steadily a teaching technology being used in 2022 by teachers.


We are living in the world of visuals. It has become the need of students of 2022, and teachers for that matter too, to collaborate with each other as the learning and teaching attitudes have been changed by computer simulations.  As a result, online pedagogy has become increasingly relevant in modern-day schools. (Leanna Archambault, 2022). Augmented reality is one such technology that has been there for some time now but it has become one of the top seven emerging technologies of 2022. Research shows that in the future it will add more value to the teaching and learning aspects. This technology captures the imaginations of a person, related to the education system. 


5G is the fifth generation technology. It is a high-speed wireless technology that allows low latency for anyone using it. Teachers are more likely to use this technology as they can easily share files and resources with their students and students can easily download this material by using 5G technology as it is a powerful network. Many suggestions regarding the introduction of special features are under discussion, concerning the education system by 2022. These suggestions include the use of a holographic teacher. Many discussions on specialized topics need hologram technology. This is a kind of creating a virtual reality which is the biggest reward for distant learners.


Personalized learning is basically a competency-based education that is based upon the concept of students mastering a skill at their own specific speed without competing with those in the environment around them. It means that learning activities are design according to the learning abilities of the students as the level of each student varies from the other one. Having a personal chat with them allows them to have your attention. It makes them feel that they have a voice and you care about it. (onlineclass-admin, 2022)  Teachers using this technology in 2022 are able to evaluate the ability of each student to master a skill and make further proceedings considering this fact. 


Artificial intelligence as its name suggests has a smart approach to systems. It has strengthened its roots in almost every sphere of life and is not just limited to the education system. Like various developments in other fields, it is definitely going to take a huge space in the field of teaching in 2022.

  • Moreover, many new tools can be use by teachers to provide a better learning experience to the students which involves a system that enables the teachers to create games as exercises. These exercises are then solve by students online. Teachers see the results and then modify their lessons accordingly.  
  • Teachers can create multimedia slides in presentations comprising maps, videos, music, sounds, and many other options.
  • Introduction of the open-source interface where educational material is created and distributed through the internet. This can also help in managing academic content available online.


Technological advancement is not a teleological fallacy it is a reality and those lacking in it will fall behind its continuous momentum of it with each passing moment. Online teaching developed in line with the above-mentioned technologies will steadily change in 2022.


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