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Backing Pads and Mandrels Uses

Backing Pads and Mandrels

If you’ve ever bought power tools and wondered what the difference between backing pads and mandrels is, then this article is for you. Specifically, we’ll discuss backing pads and how to choose a backing pad that works best for the tool that you’re using  and the importance of knowing the size and grit number. If you don’t already know, backing pads are rubber backing pads that attach to a power tool’s mandrel or shaft. They can also be use with mops and discs.

Backing Pads

Backing pads and mandrels are a common tool accessory that secures abrasive and polishing accessories to power tools. Which is made of rubber or aluminum. And have a shaft to attach to the spindle of a power tool. You can be buy in many different sizes and designs to suit your needs. Below are the most common backing pad and mandrel combinations.

Discs are a common type of backing pad. Discs have a similar hole in the center and are design to fit over the spindle of an angle grinder. Angle grinder backing pads and mandrels are held on with a locking nut. The backing pads and mandrels are made of rubber, composite resin, or aluminum. Mandrels are used to house a sanding drum and provide a secure fit.


Backing pads and mandrels are essential accessories which is use in sanding and polishing processes. They secure abrasive and polishing mediums and are design to fit tightly onto the spindle of a power tool. They are made of rubber or aluminum and are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Here are some common uses for backing pads and mandrels.

Discs and backing pads are two basic tools use to polish and sand surfaces. Backing pads secure the accessories to the power tool. They are made of rubber, aluminum, or composite resin. Mandrels are a necessary component for sanding and polishing applications because they allow the sanding drums to fit tightly and prevent them from flying off. They are also necessary for polishing and grinding internal surfaces, such as pipes and tubes.

Grit Number

Before buying a backing pad or mandrel, be sure to know how to determine the grit number and a good rule of thumb is 100 golf balls. Then, multiply that number by 20 softballs, and you have the grit of one hundred balls. A backing pad with a grit of 20 equals a coarse particle and so on. Grit numbers vary, depending on the type of abrasive you’re using.


There are many different sizes of backing pads and mandrels in which One type is a Thread Mandrel. This type of mandrel is 3 inches long, has three eyelets, and is made with 1/4-inch-diameter shanks and Generally, backing pads and mandrels are available in three sizes, ranging from three to four inches.

Backing pads are use to secure polishing and sanding accessories to power tools. They have a hook fixture or locking disc that securely holds the abrasive part against the backing pad. They are made of rubber, aluminum, or a composite resin. Backing pads are use with angle grinders and also fit into mandrels, which are made of solid aluminum. Those with mandrels and spindles are use for heavy-duty sanding.


Backing pads and mandrels are commonly use for a variety of applications. They are shaped metal bars that are inserted into items that need to be bent or machined. Common applications of mandrels include automotive exhaust pipes. which need to be bent to prevent undesirable creasing, kinking, and collapsing and These devices are also used to shape molten glass.

In addition to their general purpose these backing pads and mandrels are use to secure various accessories to power tools. The backing pad is the holding surface for the abrasive or polishing medium. They come with an integral drive mandrel that attaches to the tool’s spindle via a locking disc. Backing pads are manufacture from rubber or aluminum and are available in a variety of sizes and special designs.


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