B2B Data: Guide to Find, Identify & Convert Your Ideal Customer

database service providers
database service providers

In B2B marketing with database service providers, finding the ideal customer profile is critical to ensuring effective campaigns. Without an effective B2B database, identifying the customer profile isn’t easy, and it’s not worth wasting a lot of money and effort on leads that won’t convert. Here’s how to get started.

First, it is essential to get a B2B data guide. These tools, followed by top B2B data providers, have extensive information on the customer. Whether looking for sales leads or business leads, these tools help achieve the goal of finding and converting customers.

Find the Ideal B2B Customer

Access to a top B2B Data Provider benefits any business. It reduces the effort and time it takes to find the contact information of potential customers. This task would otherwise require manual work using SDRs.

Third-party data providers can provide B2B contact lists to send cold emails from other software (e.g., Cold outreach. Companies that use one central platform for all their sales activities have smoother interactions and can prospect on automation without any obstacles.

ICP Development & Segmentation

Customer intent data can significantly help understand customer profiles.

Businesses can then identify the key attributes to look for in the prospects through the efforts of database service providers and select the best candidates to become their future customers. After identifying the ideal buyers, create a list with all the data for each account and divide them into customer segments. The segmentation can be according to their common characteristics, e.g., grouping them by their job title or the technology they use.

Then, businesses can create an email template for each segment that speaks directly to the interests and needs of the people they are trying to connect with.

Advanced Email Personalisation

The segment will receive the template. However, each recipient will see their name and company logo. Merge tags can help create a personal email opener that only speaks to them.

However, it reaches 30, 50, and 80 people simultaneously, and each person gets a message that resonates with them.

Cold Outreach / Outbound Sales

Outbound sales by database service providers are the process of a sales representative trying to connect with prospects via phone, email, or social selling.

Cold calling and cold emailing are the most common outbound sales methods. However, they are impossible without accessing B2B data, such as prospects’ email addresses and telephone numbers.

Cold outreach is not easy unless it makes a good impression. B2B data is an excellent resource for personalising the approach and providing context to the prospects in cold emails or phone calls.

Account-based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) via database service providers is a method of marketing that targets specific accounts. Then, using insights from those accounts to connect with buying committees within the accounts can help create a list of target accounts. Quality B2B data powers successful ABM campaigns.

ABM’s strategy allows B2B sales and marketing to focus on a few high-value clients. These accounts offer the best chance of closing a deal. This aspect enables strategising to target every key stakeholder individually.

It takes time and effort to source, validate, cleanse, and manage B2B data by top B2B data providers. Automated sales prospecting can be a better alternative to manually sourcing data. This factor allows them to spend more time with qualified leads and close sales deals, leaving their hands free.

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