Are App development company in New York following these steps?

App development
App development

It is an indisputable fact that the number of people using smartphones has grown exponentially over the years. An industry that has boomed at the same time is mobile application development. Precisely because people have started to adopt the trend of doing things by touch. One of the main aspects that escape the minds of app development companies in managing the unprecedented growth of the industry is the high-level security breaches and cyber threats that are associated with mobile app development. Here are certain steps app development company in New York can follow to avoid security breaches.

1. End-user acceptance testing

The application must meet all the criteria that the end user expects from a particular application. Limiting the use of the application to the existing protocol and encrypting it can prevent unnecessary security breaches.

2. Creating an impermeable architecture

Porous code or architecture can lead to data loss and thus privacy violations. Doing multi-level testing is a lot of work, but app development company in New York shouldn’t be intimidated because it’s cheaper to change or fix bugs before deploying an app.

3. Management of mobile devices

The online security of the application depends on the type of mobile users by the user. Both operating systems, iOS and Android, have completely different modes of operation, so app developers need to have different approaches for each operating system to ensure app security, as data stored on any device can cause potential security breaches.

4. Developers and testers under one roof

The security quotient of back-end systems and web services of an application is very rarely given importance because front-end application development has multiple levels, which in turn makes it hectic for developers to check security at each level. This increases the chance of fraudulent practices. This becomes even more serious if the application is developed by third-party vendors who are not familiar with the standard and policies of the enterprise IT and can therefore break down with incorrect security assumptions. Always hire a company that has developers and testers under one roof.

5. OS hardening

Although this step is not mandatory, it provides increased security. From Apple, which uses ironclad security features for iOS, there are now various methods to harden the operating system of apps developed in the Android environment as well.

6. Think twice before free resources

Starting to develop an app from scratch can be tedious and expensive, which is why there is plenty of free and open-source code that can seem cheaper than hiring an in-house app developer. While open source is not always harmful, it is important to ensure security. Open source hacking is a piece of cake for hackers. That’s why it’s important to hire a development company that can research source entity libraries and open-source frameworks.

7. Secure user authentication

The basic but mandatory step of enabling only secure user authentication is mandatory to ensure application security at all levels. Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication can further ensure secure user authentication, protecting data from security breaches.

8. Understand industry safety standards at all levels

When it comes to cybersecurity, developers should know that regulations aren’t just limited to business regulations. But there are many legal aspects to data security and breaches should they occur. Regional requirements other than ISO certification may also vary by application category. However, it is mandatory to follow them unconditionally.

Take a key

In addition to maintaining these basic points, it is always necessary to properly understand a potential problem to find a solution to it. This is because different kinds of applications may have different areas that require more attention when it comes to data loss. It can be a bit difficult for an App development company in New York to keep up with all the aspects because the competition they have to face in a big city like New York is huge. Therefore, there may be a chance that amid the huge responsibility of working with reputable clients, developers may sometimes leave behind ensuring security at all levels. There is a solution for that too. If the developer feels that security is an area that requires professional oversight, it is best to hire them.


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