An Ultimate Guide for Social Media App Development for Startups

social media app development for startups

It is the time wherein companies need to create a mobile presence, and they need to have an app. The best way is social media app development. If you’re a startup and want to build a social media app, then you’ll need help, or you’ll be looking to hire mobile app developer.

But stop, do you know that-

  • What points should you keep in your mind while hiring developers?
  • What are the essential aspects of social media app development?
  • How to develop a social media app?
  • How much does it cost to create a social media app?

If not, then this blog might be a good help for you.

The benefits of having social media mobile apps are enormous. They are an excellent way for businesses to boost sales and connect with potential customers on a much more personal level. It also helps them reach their audience in real-time, get feedback and make updates in real-time.

Mobile apps can make life easier for employees by serving as digital assistants who can guide them through their work tasks, notify them about upcoming deadlines, provide timely reminders and even answer client queries.

There are huge chances of growth for a startup with the help of social media app development as there are millions of followers waiting to use a unique social media app that could provide them with a different experience.

Before accessing the further sections of this blog, let’s check what it is.

What is Social Media App?

I hope all of you have used Orkut. No need to say that it worked like a wonder for internet users. At that time, almost internet users made their profiles on Orkut and started sharing their messages and images. It was like a storm and an introduction of social media websites to the world.

Time changed, and Facebook became the emperor of social media. Although some other legendary social media apps like Twitter also exist that changed the perspective of social media.

In technical terms, social media apps can be defined as:

The web-based application allows users to share & publishing information in the forms of text, images, audio, and video. Users need to make their personal profiles on the app to share information. Additionally, a user can send a connection request to the other users, connect to a preferred user community, share a small article, and many more.

Social media apps provide ample chances for users to express themselves in the best way.

What Are The Advantages Of Social Media App For Startups?

Social media apps have become a need rather than a want. They are necessary for startups as they help them connect with their target audience easily. A social media app development company can help you create an interactive and user-friendly app.

Moreover, social media apps make connecting with customers and understanding their needs easier. It, in turn, helps businesses provide better services and products. If your startup requires social media apps, you should hire developers with the knowledge and expertise to develop apps that serve your purpose well.

So, let’s check out what are the advantages!

  • Better Reach to The Customers: Millions of users exist on social media platforms. So, as a startup, you can promote your brand or product quickly and reach your would-be customers effortlessly.
  • Building Strong Relationship with Customers: Customer support is a significant component required for developing a solid relationship with the customers. It can be done the best with the help of social media.
  • Onboarding New Customers: The overall population of social media app users is 4 billion. So, the social media app is the best medium to onboard new customers if you are looking for new customers.
  • Easy Advertising: A presence on social media is the best for implementing a digital marketing strategy. Another interesting fact is that social media apps provide easy advertising tools you can leverage for your business.
  • Real-time Feedback: You can immediately get real-time feedback from the social media app. Now, most brands connect themselves with their customers with the help of social media handles to listen to their views.
  • Tracking Growth Metrics: A business can easily track its growth metrics. They can observe how many users remain engaged with their post, traffic on the page & post, and other insights.

Essential Steps to Develop A Social Media App

For developing a unique social media app, it is necessary to follow steps that can lead you to transform your app idea into a real-life app. The success of an app depends on the idea and how you develop it. So, here are some vital steps that you can follow –

#1. Choose your app developers carefully. Make sure to research and find a reputable, on-demand social media app development company with a good track record.

#2. Determine what kind of social media app you want to develop. What will be the purpose of your app? What features will it have?

#3. Create a list of features and functions you want your social media app to have.

#4. Work with the app development company to create a prototype of your app.

#5. Test the prototype with potential users to get feedback and make necessary changes.

#6. Develop the final version of your social media app and launch it!

#7. Promote your social media app to get people to use it. Don’t forget to consider things like technical support when working with mobile app developers.

What Kind of Social Media App Can You Consider For Development?

There is the variety of social media apps exist. You can choose any of them for your subsequent social media app development. Let’s check what these are-

  • Social Networking Apps

As its name implies, social networking apps are for networking over the internet with friends, family, colleagues, and others. Some of its best examples are Facebook and Instagram.

  • Professional Networking Apps

LinkedIn is one of the best examples of professional networking apps. These apps provide ample chances to connect with people of the same profession and other professionals. Users can make a community related to their trade and profession.

  • Social Review Sites

Have you ever gone through Google My Business or Amazon reviews? Yes, these are some of the best examples of social review sites. You can also develop these app types where users can post their thoughts about a particular brand.

  • Image Sharing App

An app like Instagram can promise you significant business growth and allows users to share their images and short videos with other users. You can leverage it for brand promotion in an innovative way.

  • Community & Forum App

These types of apps are for discussing topics or finding out the answers to a question. The best example is StackOverflow, where users post and discuss programming-related questions.

Monetization Models You Can Follow

The social media app can help you to earn excellent revenue. The only influencing factor is what monetization model you follow.

Here are some monetization models you can follow for social media app development.

  • Freemium

The freemium model works like the user has access to basic features. Suppose, if they want to use advanced functionality, then they need to pay some amount. With this model, you can earn a good amount by offering premium features.

  • Premium

The best example of premium social media or dating app is Tinder, which offers users full features after paying for a subscription. The premium app works like when users pay for a subscription; they can use it.

  • Third-Party Advertisement

Third-party advertisement apps earn from the price of running the ad on the app. You can set the subscription plans for the other brands so they can choose accordingly.

The Final Thoughts

Social media app development has never been more straightforward with the growing number of social media apps on the market. Startups use social media apps to connect with their customers and grow their brand, thus increasing sales.

But before you start developing your app, it’s essential to understand how they work and what to consider in terms of app design and functionality to make the best app possible that will benefit your business immensely. This ultimate guide will give you all the information you need to know before getting started on your new social media app development project.

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