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An Innovative Solution To Climate Change

climate solutions

✯ Overview

Innovative solutions to climate change are being developed and implemented daily, pushing beyond typical solar panels and battery-powered automobiles. 

Here are 7 inventions that will melt your mind, not the globe.

☞ Perform The Wave

Wave energy may be used in a variety of ways. Last year, the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, deployed a test device called Azura Opens a new window. 

Northwest Energy Innovations Opens a new window, headquartered in the United States, recently created an underwater hull linked to a float that captures vertical and horizontal wave motions. The ingenious device catches ocean motion and transforms it into electricity sent to land through a cable.

☞ Fierce BFFs

Meanwhile, the world’s largest floating wind farm has been authorized by Scottish regulators. The floating wind turbines will be the first in UK seas, with cables connecting them and anchoring them to the ocean floor. They are projected to provide enough energy to power 20,000 houses when combined. (Or 40,000 micro-dwellings.) According to The Guardian Opens a new window, Scotland has two other comparable initiatives in the works, with more on the way in Norway, Portugal, the United States, and Japan.

☞ Taking Advantage Of The Earth’s Heat

Geothermal energy may appear intimidating, but it is relatively easy. It entails capturing the sun’s inherent heat. For our requirements, it opens a new window – the 5,500°C in the earth’s core. Throughout the year, the outer 3 meters of the earth’s surface maintain a relatively constant temperature of 10-16°C, which may be used to heat buildings, water, and other objects. You can even convert it to energy using geothermal power plants, which use the earth’s heat to create steam, which then spins a turbine and drives a generator to generate electricity.

☞ Take A Solar Road Trip

Highways span the globe, resulting in heaps of asphalt and a slew of traffic-related problems. What if those roads could solve a variety of other environmental issues by becoming clean, renewable energy sources capable of powering electric automobiles, as well as the houses and businesses that line their paths? Solar Roadways have created a system like this.

Open a new tab. The panels are made of tempered glass and have the strength to handle a fleet of Scoop Trucks. They also have LED lighting for road markings and signage. 

☞ Make Your Glaciers

The consequences of climate change are frightening. The world’s melting glaciers are one of the most visible indications of climate change. Now, one resourceful Himalayan outpost is fighting back with hand-built backyard glaciers. A retired engineer from Chewang Norphel village assisted in developing a project that employs irrigation canals and a reservoir. The half-mile-long and less than 150-foot-wide artificial mini-glacier melt into useable water for irrigating crops in the spring. It opens a new window to catch ice-cold water in the winter.

☞ Making Baking Soda Out Of Bad Stuff

Until clean energy entirely replaces coal-fired power plants, the most you can do is try to clean up their act and by-products. Power, heat, and harmful pollutants are the three main types of industrial emissions. Carbon dioxide and acid gases such as Sulphur oxides from industrial waste systems stink, even though power and heat are OK. 

This is where Sky Mine technology shines: it captures and removes pollutants from power plant flues (those massive smoke-billowing chimneys) and converts them to harmless baking soda. This will open a new window. While it isn’t a complete answer to coal’s more significant problems, it is proving to be a welcome tradeoff in terms of mercury, acid rain pollutants, and climate-altering CO2.

☞ Pellet Power Fights Coal Depletion

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest publicly held coal company with mines in Australia and the United States, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Shocker? Not really, given that coal costs have plummeted, natural gas is on the rise. And more laws to combat climate change are on the way. However, while clean energy programs take precedence over the polluting option. The biomass sector may have discovered a temporary solution in the shape of black pellets, also known as terrified wood. 

✯ Conclusion: 

Replace high-carbon fossil fuels like coal and oil with lower-carbon or zero-carbon alternatives like natural gas, nuclear, and renewable energy sources like biomass, wind, and solar; and capture and sequester CO2 emitted by fossil fuel combustion to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. Online essay help and online essay writing service providers can help you in understanding the solution needed for climate change.

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