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Advantages and Disadvantages of Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property
Loan Against Property

Loans against property have long been a well-known alternative to long-term loans (LAP).

Lending a sizable sum of money to a bank or other lender and pledging your property is known as a loan against property, or LAP.

You benefit from a cheaper loan against property interest rate when you remain to use your property as collateral with the lender.

Thus, anyone in need of a significant amount of cash to meet a variety of needs can turn to the property loan facility at a cheaper interest rate.

In order to handle monthly expenses without stress, he or she might also choose a longer tenor and make smaller EMI payments.


The possibility of obtaining the larger loan amount by putting your house up for protection could be a wise decision. You might encounter some benefits and drawbacks, though.

Yes, it all has benefits and drawbacks, and a loan secured by real estate is no different. We have created this brief essay to provide all the information so that you are aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of loans secured by real estate.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Property Loans
The Benefits


  • You can acquire a larger loan amount with the loan against property option, which is one of its biggest advantages for controlling your various needs. If you qualify for a loan against property and are a salaried professional, you may receive up to Rs. 1 crore. However, self-employed people are permitted to borrow up to Rs. 3.5 crore extra. Thus, you can use the LAP loan facility to pay your various demands, irrespective of what your personal or professional needs may be.
  • The LAP’s cheaper interest rate is an additional significant advantage. You do receive a reduced rate because the loan you want is secured by your property. As a result, a loan against property with a lower interest rate can help you save more money than a personal loan.
  • Another characteristic of the loan against property is the option to choose a longer tenor. You can easily extend the loan amount and repay in smaller EMIs with a duration of between 2 and 20 years. You won’t need to be concerned about how the loan repayment will affect your monthly costs in this way.
  • Another benefit of the LAP is the ability to monetize a vacant property in order to meet your various needs. The property that will be mortgaged can be privately owned, commercial, or vacant.
  • You are permitted to withdraw funds up to your approved loan limit (overdraft) and only pay interest on that amount in the form of monthly payments. There are no extra charges. After the tenor ends, the outstanding balance of the loan is paid off.
The Drawbacks
  • When you ask for a loan secured by property, the banks may take longer to disburse the funds. They have to assess the property, that’s why. Additionally, it could take time to compare another loan’s eligibility with property eligibility rules. You can apply with a non-banking finance company in certain conditions (NBFC). They have 72 hours to complete the total loan process.
  • Generally speaking, the loan against property facilities does not exempt taxes. It could not be a good indicator of whether you should choose the LAP or not.
  • If the lenders determine that you are unable to pay back the loan within the allotted time.  They may sell your property and then demand payment.

The loan against property has a few significant benefits and drawbacks. Before requesting the loan against property. You can talk about all of these aspects to make it work in your favor.

With regard to pre-approved loans against property, mortgages, business loans. Many other financial products, lenders provide some reasonable pre-approved offers.

Such offers are made with the intention of making the credit application process. It is simple and quick for you. After entering your basic information, like your name and cell phone number, you may check out what was before loan offers straight away.

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