A beginner’s guide to playing online carrom

These days the online gaming industry is doing well. With the busy lives we all have, it’s been hard to find time to play our favorite games.

However, with the online platform, there are new opportunities to improve your free time and play what you love.

Whether you like playing Fantasy Cricket, Rummy, Carrom or anything else, it’s now possible to play these games online.

You can enjoy fantasy games with your family and friends no matter what the weather is.

And, as if that’s not enough, you can win cash prizes if you win the game. Fantasy games are just like physical sports so don’t worry about all those calories you’ll be burning.

Carrom is enjoyed by a wide range of age groups, young and old alike.

Carrom is an interesting yet simple game to play and it can be viewed online through any number of apps.

In a space where people can play games together, the ancient game of carrom has arrived on our screens and plays in the same manner as it would be played in an Indian household.

This carrom game also has a human way to play it. Also, you’ll be intrigued to know that this game can be played against real opponents with superior skill levels and possibly win cash prizes.

You can withdraw your winnings instantly.

If you are a beginner to play carrom online, the following points will help you:

Starting out, these are things a beginner should be aware of when playing carrom online.

Types of Carrom

There are three types of carrom: Family point carrom, point carrom, and professional carrom.

Each type consists of different rules in which a player or team scores based on the color of the marble they pocket.

The winner of this game is often one who enjoys spending time with family and friends. This game typically appeals to those looking for a more social experience.

The point carrom has a minor difference from the regular family type by giving you 10 points for white disks, 20 points for black disks and 30 after pocketing queen.

In some cases, the players in the tie-breaker game are given a chance to win. In this case, the player with the most points will win.

If both of the players get 25 points each, then it will be for each player to take turns to score until one of them does not score anymore or one of them scores over 26 points.

A type of team flat board game with a modern element where players must score at least 29 points, in colors.

However, the player cannot pocket the Queen before and after the first and last disks are pocketed.

Common Terms in Carrom

Some of the most common terms used in carrom are queen, foul, break, push due, penalty, covering, thumbing and black slam.

If you’re just starting to introduce yourself to the game, make sure you go in-depth into these terms so that you have a better understanding of the game.

Components of Carrom

The components of both the traditional and online carrom have the same composition.

It includes a carrom board that is made of wood and is square in shape. The game of carrom has a net pocket in each of the four corners.

There is also a Set of 9 Black discs, and a Set of 9 White discs, with 1 Queen disc that is Pink in color.

The board also has a big disc that is heavier than the ball. The board has four arrows pointing towards the corners and it has four baselines with small circles at the ends of the baselines.

Learn about the Carrom Shots

Carrom is a popular game and has many different shoots. When watching the game, it may seem like it is fixed but there are many more shots possible than what we know.

It is important to learn about these shots and how to do them.

Learning proper techniques can prevent you from committing any kind of fouls. Some important shots to master are displacement, middle, “cut and take”, second hit or board shot, and back shots.

You will find these shots to be easier after you learn how to do them.

Know the Carrom Fouls

Be aware of the fouls when playing this game. The rules for this game are quite similar to the ones of traditional Carrom.

However, it is important for you to be aware and avoid these fouls if you wish to have a successful time.

Some of the common mistakes that players sometimes make include pocketing the queen too early, or forgetting about it in a different part of the board altogether.

Many forget this advice and organize their play from the last carrom, leaving themselves with no possible moves.

Another foul is when the player attempts to score their goal below their designated line. A striker that fails on a third attempt is also considered a foul too.

Check out the rules section to avoid wasting any time trying to play the game!”

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Practice is the only key to playing games, as players can do on carrom and show mastery with practice. When you think you’re ready, compete in a game.

The game lets you enter by playing so that you can gain rewards and cash prizes. Once you understand the rules, tips, and tricks of the game, you will find it enjoyable.


Playing Carrom Combat on AIO Games could benefit you in a number of ways. For instance, you can connect with other players who have similar interests and also develop your skills as a player.

In addition, AIO Games provides an in-built game that is easy to use and can be enjoyed on the go.

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