How To Preserve A Perfume To Make It Last Longer?

Long Lasting Perfume

The life of a perfume can be longer than those 36 months mentioned on it. It is an extremely easy thing to do but due to busy life, we tend to skip out important parts. However, a few simple changes in our life can add so many years to the perfume. If you are also worried about your collectors’ edition fragrance going off, this simple advice will help you. These are also best for those who love to change fragrances according to moods and seasons. It is easy to make these little changes than damage expensive perfumes.

Can A Perfume Expire?

We often hear that perfume does not expire. However, most of them have an expiry date mentioned on their packaging. Since perfumery is a part of the cosmetic industry, it is meant to have an expiry date. Usually, it is 36 months, which provides legal protection. If anything goes wrong with the product after expiry, it is on the expiry.

However, apart from the legal cover, not all perfumes expire within three years. They can last long a lot longer. Some perfumes like woody and oriental ones can last for many years. On the other hand, fragrances like citrus might fade away faster with time. It varies quite distinctly depending on the quality of the perfume base and essence.

In the end, it is all about the aroma. If the perfume is smelling the same, keep wearing it. Probably apply a little quantity on the wrist or inner part of the arm. This helps you in finding the scent quality or whether it is safe for your skin. If the perfume smells sour, has a metallic or weird aroma, you should bid goodbye to it. Keep your nose active to find whether the perfume is good enough for you or not.

How Can You Preserve A Perfume To Make It Last Longer?

Making small changes in your lifestyle is all you need to make the fragrance last longer. Here are some tips for you to preserve your long lasting perfume:-

Avoid Touching The Nozzle:

Out of curiosity or habit, sometimes some of us touch the nozzle of perfume. It seems like the best way to wipe off the excess drop on the nozzle. But it can make your scent be exposed to germs. And you do not want to do this. Avoid touching it anyhow.

Leave It In Its Original Packaging:

You might love to show off the beautiful design of the bottle, but it can cause damage to it. It is better to keep it in its original packaging. The box will keep the perfume bottle in an upright position. It will also protect the perfume from exposure to light and UV rays.

You Can Still Use It Even If It Oxidizes :

It is a common misconception that you cannot use perfume if it is oxidized. However, this is normal for a perfume to change its colour. It can develop a slight orangish tint over a period of time. You should not throw the scent away due to this. Apply a little on your arm and check. If the scent is fine, it is okay for you to use the perfume.

Do Not Expose To Air:

Air is the worst enemy of top international perfume. Exposing it to the air can speed up the oxidation process. Also, your perfume can evaporate amazingly fast. Air can alter the molecules of the perfume. It changes the aroma and reduces longevity. Open the perfume only while using it and never forget to apply the cap after.

Also, if there are any perfumes that you have not used for a long time, take them, and spray them a couple of times. This helps in cleaning up the dip tube which might be clogged. Always keep the perfume in an upright position to reduce contact area with the perfume.

Where You Store It Makes The Difference:

Where you have kept the perfume can either cause damage to it or enhance its life. Avoid keeping the fragrance bottle near a heater or radiator or any other heat source. Never put it in the bathroom or a place with high heat and humidity. This spoils the perfume, making the aroma go bad. Try to put the perfume bottle in a cool, dark, and dry place. It is ideal to keep it in its original packaging or a cosmetics box where it stays upright.

All these tips seem basic, but they can add years to the perfume. Your fragrance will have a slower oxidation rate and will last longer. The fragrance will also be vivid, quite like the first day when you opened the bottle. All these tips are especially useful for people who collect perfumes or own many bottles of scent. Keep them in mind while opening the next bottle of international perfume.

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