8 Different Ways To Design Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinet doors have been popping up everywhere in kitchen design over the past year and continue to grow. This new look for kitchens is modern, sleek and a departure from the monochromatic kitchen look of last year.

The big gripe, however, is that we assume there isn’t a lot of variety, and we think they all look the same. Here are 12 ways to design two-tone kitchen cabinet doors, so you can find the one that matches your style.

two tone kitchen cabinet doors

1. White Wall Cabinets

Of all the two-tone kitchen cabinet doors, this is the most common in many kitchen design photos and magazines. White wall cabinets have often been paired with navy base cabinets, as this color is trending this season. There are colors ranging from jewel tones like brown to black. On the top, the shades are closer to white, like cream and beige.

2. Dark Cabinets, Natural Textured Wood Low Cabinets

This reverse trend of darker wall cabinets on top and textured, lighter-colored base cabinets works well here. Since the kitchen background is mostly white, the midnight blue wall cupboards provide a nice contrast. This design decision can be influenced by using the white stove on the left.

If we went with white or light cabinets on top and darker cabinets on the bottom, the white fireplace would interfere. It also makes the stove stand out by using a natural wood frame, which is the only solid frame in the room.

3. Darker Base Cabinets

This kitchen design uses the backsplash to playfully continue the wall unit theme. European furniture in sea foam green imitated by squares equal to the backsplash tiles makes the whole kitchen cohesive.

The matching tiles in various places add interesting depth to this contemporary look. The contrasting dark wood of the euro-style base units has a silver handle that mimics oven handles.

4. Island Base Cabinets

Kitchen islands are of course a focal point of the kitchen as they are usually placed in the center of the room. When you want to add an interesting look to an otherwise understated kitchen, a different color will transform the look.

Here we have navy island base cabinets in the same shaker style contrasting with the grey shaker cabinets. This island also looks like a must-have area in a large kitchen where the counters would otherwise be far apart.

5. Different Colour Door and Style of Wall Cabinets

Making the very subtle decision to change cabinet doors can transform the look of a kitchen without a major renovation. These vertically louvered brown cabinet doors contrast with the slate grey-hinged doors on the lower cabinets.

The angular character of the two-tone kitchen cabinet doors makes the whole coherent. Matching paneling at the top of the wall units and around the kitchen window strengthens and unifies the kitchen.

6. Different Colour Drawers and Styles on Wall Cabinets

There are a lot of retro looks in these modern cabinets, and this one is no exception. A contemporary take on the Brady Bunch kitchen, this kitchen uses lime green to contrast with purplish brown.

The most interesting aspect of the kitchen is the structure of the cabinets themselves. European base cabinets are drawers, but upper cabinets have hinged doors so the panels all snap together.

7. Different Colour Cabinets

The two-tone kitchen cabinet doors don’t always have to mean contemporary kitchen design, although that’s quite common here. This is a more traditional-looking cabinet with raised doors and all black fireplace column and island.

All surrounding textures pick up bits of black and brown, from hardwood floors to terrazzo countertops. The whole kitchen is tricolor, including the white, so although these are neutral colors it doesn’t read sterile.

8. Side-By-Side Two Tone Cabinets

On the right, we see all-white European-style cabinets with handleless doors. On the left are dark brown wood grain cabinets with silver bar handles. In any other scenario, this would seem like a discrepancy, but this bold aesthetic works perfectly here. The whole look is anchored with corners everywhere, including the chairs in the kitchen corner, and in neutral colors.


This variation in two-tone kitchen cabinet doors, more attention to the cabinets and crockery in the kitchen. These cabinets present an alternative solution for those who want open shelving but none of the hazards to show. The glass panels on your cabinet doors always show off your dishes without the dust.

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