7 Tips to Write a Mobile App Business Plan


A massive portion of the global population owns cellphones and smart devices. Because of such a large number of consumers, mobile application development is one of the flourishing industries. However, like in other fields, your success depends on several factors.

Before you create a business plan for your application, it is better to get an overview of the challenges. For example, if you are creating a mobile game live streaming app, you should look for suitable internet speeds from providers like Spectrum internet customer service  and other ISPs in the region. Based on that data, your company can make tweaks to the video resolution quality for a smooth live stream. It’s just one example and there is so much more to consider.

The following are the 8 tips to consider before creating a mobile app business plan:

Creating User Personas

There are hundreds of types of mobile applications people use every day. And to make your application a success, you should know the target audience of your app. Create your user personas based on the age group and other characteristics. If you take the example of mobile game streaming apps, Twitch streamers can be more fitting users of your app. This is just an example but in the same manner, you should be able to create multiple user personas of an ideal user.

Do Industry Research

Creating user personas and conducting industry research are both important for the success of an app. See what your competitors are already doing and how you can add value through your app. Also, you can get a better idea of a sustainable business model that you can use as well. Lastly, you can view the challenges other apps in the same domain are facing and come up with your solutions.

Cover Both Android and Apple Devices

Android and Apple are the two major successful mobile OS software. Today, the major features of both platforms are not different. Creating a native application for only one platform would mean missing out on a lot of potential users. Therefore, it is better to make your apps available on both platforms to maximize the number of users and generate more revenue.

Conduct Surveys

Arguably, the best way is to listen to your target prospects to understand what they want. Ask your target communities through surveys, polls, and questionnaires about their preferences. Such insights can help you tweak and make changes to the app for maximum success. The data public preferences may help you come up with your USPs (unique selling points). So, it is better to consider conducting such practices.

Beta Launch Your App

A beta launch means releasing an application before its official launch. A more Gen Z-oriented term for such a launch would be a soft launch. A beta app may have unknown bugs that can come to light. Your team fixes such bugs over time and makes the final application free from issues. A major advantage of beta launches is that they increase the anticipation of your potential downloaders. So, including it in part of your business plan can be advantageous.

Actual Launch of Your App

Unlike beta launches, the final launch should be when your app is fully functional and free from glitches. If your application has problems in it, you can get poor reviews leading to lesser downloads. So, make sure your app is ready for launch. Otherwise, the hype will die out. Cyberpunk 2077 is an excellent example of how disastrous a glitched game or app can be for a company.

Another thing you should do is plan realistic launch dates. The majority of issues happen when you are following an unrealistic deadline. So, plan things from the start. You can push the launch dates but doing so also can affect the hype of anticipation of your app launch.

Leverage the Right Platforms for Marketing

You can create the best mobile application, but what good would it be if people didn’t know about it? Yes, you have to reach out to your potential downloaders and showcase the unique selling points of your app to generate actual business. And for that, you have to utilize the fastest and most effective ways to reach your prospects. Utilizing digital platforms is the best way to do so.

For example, you can set up a video ad campaign on YouTube. Similarly, you can set up Google and Bing search ads. Also, social media platforms can be effectively utilized for marketing such apps. So, when you are setting up a marketing plan, you can consider these mediums of marketing and get a budget approved by the company.

These easy tips can help you set up a business that helps in creating a success-focused business plan for your application.

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