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5 Things to Know about IVF Pregnancy

Fertility Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization- IVF has completely revolutionized modern-day pregnancy. Couples who are not able to conceive due to any reason can now get pregnant with this advanced method of IVF. The infertility rate has increased tremendously and every other couple is facing this problem. This is where several treatments come for their rescue, in the list IVF is the most commonly heard that has an amazing success rate. Almost 8 million babies have been born through this or similar method.at least the dream of becoming parents isn’t a dream anymore.

IVF is not a golden key that will quickly give you the results, it is a complicated process that is emotionally, financially, and physically draining. But the most important thing is to first find a doctor who can treat you and your body well and assist you throughout the journey with warmth. Misleading, misguidance, or confusion should never b a part of it. This is the reason why I prefer Dr. Nandita Palshetkar- an IVF doctor in Mumbai who is known for outstanding progress and success rate.

Along with the best doctor you need to know a few facts about ivf before you start this beautiful journey taking you close to parenthood.

  1. IVF works best at a young age. It is better that you get all the tests done at the right age, If you are not able to conceive naturally then you should get the treatment started early. This early process leads to a better success rate of fertility with a better quality of eggs. All the fertility Doctors in Mumbai recommend this.
  2. Start with the fertility test before you plan for your pregnancy. This will tell us what exactly is the problem. With the tests, you will know where your fertility actually stands. These tests start with anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) to know the egg reserve. Then there will be more hormone tests that will let you determine your health and an indication of how much possibility you have with your pregnancy.
  3. IVF shouldn’t be your first step as every doctor will recommend you to try it naturally without any contraception for at least 6 months and if it’s not working then IVF is the best-preferred method. If you have tried for > 6 months,or undergone multiple miscarriages, multiple disappointments, genetic problems,etc. Your doctor will recommend IVF depending on the condition.
  4. You need to be financially ready when you are planning for IVF. This is something you need to understand that this treatment includes a good amount of money which also includes all the tests and medication.
  5. Patience is the key to successful IVF. With that, a woman needs to follow a strict healthy diet with exercise or walk as recommended by the doctor. But this all depends on the age.

Pregnancy is not an easy path, it takes so many hurdles and hardships to cross so that you can reach the end with success. It takes so much patience, money, love, passion, diet, food, and care for a successful pregnancy. Parenthood is the best feeling in the world and the couples who are not able to conceive naturally only understand the pain of it, this is where the advanced technologies like IVF come in, and amazingly it has given prolific results thus giving a hope to the infertile couples to plan their pregnancy. If you are facing any issues, you can go for this treatment but don’t forget to keep all the above-mentioned points in mind.

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