4 Things You Should Learn Before Choosing Your Shoe Rack Design

4 Things You Should Learn Before Choosing Your Shoe Rack Design

A shoe rack is an essential furniture piece for every home. It does not matter what kind of home you own; a spacious wooden shoe rack design is necessary for you. If you disagree, you should know that having a good shoe rack design protects your footwear from getting lost and dirty. A well-spaced shoe rack design helps you save time that you would later waste in finding your un-organized shoes. Also, it keeps your home clean and remains a safe home for all your footwear. If you get a wooden shoe rack design for your home, it also amplifies your home decor. With these many benefits, there are many other things that you should know about a good shoe rack design. Keep reading about shoe rack importance, placement, and the famous shoe rack designs in trend. Also, if you want to buy perfect shoe rack designs in India, check out WoodenStreet furniture for immense variety.

Importance of Shoe Rack in India

A shoe rack in India makes the most sense for Indian people. One of the reasons why Indian people need a shoe stand design is because they believe that we should not carry our footwear inside our homes. There are many reasons behind this belief, so let’s start with the most common one. First, if you take your dirty footwear inside, the dirt on them will make the house messy. The second reason is that Indians respect their homes as temples, so you cannot take your shoes inside the temple. Also, most Indian houses have a home temple inside, which negates the chances of taking shoes inside.

Places to Avoid While Setting Shoe Rack

Before placing your shoe rack design anywhere, know that various places in your home can have a harmful impact. Here is a list of some of them and the reason-

  • Avoid entrance of the house because it can impact wealth flow and generate stress.
  • Avoid placing a shoe rack design in the bedroom because it disrupts your sleep.
  • Avoid directions like North, East, or South-East, as it stops the flow of positivity.
  • Also, avoid placing a shoe rack near the kitchen or home temple to protect the positive energy nearby.

Ideal Place for Your Shoe Rack

According to Indian Vastu shastra, when we take our footwear outside, we gather all the negativity, tiredness, and irritation inside our shoes. So, it is preferable to leave all these in the shoe rack and protect our homes from them. Here are some places where you should place your shoe rack-

  • Outside your main entrance or on the balcony.
  • The southwest direction is best for setting shoe rack design with seat.
  • Inside the living room or hall for not to disrupt any energy source in the house.
  • The northeast corner, also known as ‘Ishan Kon,’ is fruitful for setting shoe racks.
  • Place shoe stand design in the Brahmasthan, the centre part of the home.

Different Shoe Rack Designs Available in the Market

The shoe rack furniture market has evolved and yet kept touch with the Indian tradition. Such as, we at WoodenStreet know that according to Indian Vastu, a modern shoe rack design should have closed doors. The doors in the shoe rack design keep the negative energy outside and ensure wealth and happiness. Here are some of the unique shoe rack designs you can buy for your home and their benefits.

  1. Floreta footwear storage wooden shoe rack; it has six cabinets for keeping all your traditions and western footwear. Also, it has an inbuilt seat.
  2. Hopkin shoe rack design for home; it has four spacious cabinets with beautiful design, sturdy built, and seating area.

Choose any shoe rack design, and place it in the correct direction in your home; it will magnify health, wealth, cleanliness, and prosperity. Now is the time to stop your favourite shoe rack design from getting out of stock, so switch the tab and search all these beautiful designs on WoodenStreet furniture. Also, along with numerous design varieties, you can get a 50% and above discount on our website so hurry up.

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