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10+ Tips To Measure The Success of Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Instagram Marketing


What kind of impact is your Instagram marketing having?

How well do you know the ins and outs of monitoring your progress there?

No one will know whether anything is working unless you take the time to track your progress. Moreover, how will you ever decide what to share on Instagram in the future?

People frequently ask me to define Instagram’s success for them. When evaluating the performance of a campaign, you can take into account a number of factors.



Obviously, the amount of Likes a post receives is a good indicator of how much interest there is in the material posted. Additionally, keeping track of Likes is a breeze.



Check out the content that generates the most discussion. You should strive to upload more pictures like that.



Eventually, a sizable number of people will follow your Instagram account. If you aren’t making progress on Instagram, you might as well delete your account. Keep track of how many people are currently following you.



Views on Instagram represent the number of people who viewed the story as well as the number of times they viewed the story. If you want to increase your views count, just simply buy automatic Instagram story views to achieve more engagement on Instagram. A video with more views will attract people to watch videos again and again. 


5. Engagement

Subtract the number of Likes and comments from the total number of followers to get a sense of how many of your followers are actually paying attention to your Instagram posts.


6. Clicks

Are people actually going to your Instagram page when they find it?

To monitor this essential Instagram indicator, I have included a shortened URL on my profile. Google Analytics also includes clicking tracking. In order to monitor the success of your IG marketing, you need to set up a landing page.


7. Mentions

Are there Instagram posts about you or your company? Explore various Instagram hashtags to learn more. Hashtags, both industry-specific and exact-match, may tell you a lot about the conversation surrounding your brand online.


8. Posts

How can you know which IG posts are the most successful? The information can be easily uncovered. Determine which photos are the most popular by looking at their amount of comments and “Likes” using an analytics service like Iconosquare.


9. Times

More people employ a pair of applications in their pursuit of optimal IG posting timings for user base:

  • Purely Quantified
  • Iconosquare

Every single target audience is one of a kind. Nonetheless, you may utilize these strategies to learn about the times of day when your followers are most likely to view your material.



Determine which of your followers actually reads your updates. Discover! Then keep an eye on these fans and engage with them to make them into brand advocates. You should always keep in mind that you are elevating their sense of significance each time you interact with them.


11. Sales

Are you wondering whether Instagram customers make up a significant portion of your sales? When a company owner thinks about creating an Instagram account, it is the first question that comes to mind.

The percentage of your IG followers who are also paying customers may be determined in a matter of minutes. Make a coupon that can only be used on Instagram, and monitor how often it is used.

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