10 Reasons To Buy Antique & Vintage Jewellery

The time has gone when preloved or old objects were not considered to be as modern and valuable. In this article, we will come across the reasons to buy antique & vintage jewellery.

In today’s culture, we all are captivated by valuable objects that connect to the bygone era. First edition books, classic cars, and old master paintings, all passed down through the generations are all considered to be valuable, beautiful, and significant.

Jewellery is no exemption. Keeping aside the refined elegance and extraordinary beauty of old jewellery, the price of jewellery keeps something magical in itself. Indeed, it is a very sound investment to boot.

Let’s walk through our top 10 reasons to buy antique and vintage jewellery:

1. It Is Tempting

If you are the one who collects and loves jewellery, there is the mystical and romantic beauty of vintage and antique jewellery which is not possible to find at this moment. Frequently, handmade by expert craftsmen with amazing attention to detail, old-world & subtle sparkle techniques are matchless by modern design.  

2. It Is A Tremendous Value

Purchasing antique, vintage and preloved jewellery is VAT-exempt, which means that you are supposed to pay 20% less than the original one. Also, no manufacturing cost is included to increase the price. With old jewellery you can have the same quality material and gemstones without paying the premium for this aspect.

Do you want more? Various antique jewellers are small businesses that do not have shops and showrooms that are saving the expensive retail cost. Therefore, it reflects in the overall price of jewellery. The resale value for antique jewellery does not drop, just like classic cars always remain in demand, so the vintage jewellery too.

3. The Superior Quality

Currently, in the name of modern jewellery, we only see its cast. Antique and vintage jewellery is always handmade. Although, even in high-end modern pieces, it’s not possible to find a similar level of workmanship and quality just like we found in old jewellery. In the previous time, jewellery was supposed to be made by only highly skilled artisans who took a long time making bespoke pieces for rich clients. Ultimately, the jewellery comes up as superior quality than ever.

4. It Is More Maintainable

It takes valuable resources to extract precious metals and gemstones which makes it difficult to generate jewellery in a real environmentally friendly way. Purchasing antique and vintage jewellery enables you to be a conservator instead of a consumer.

5. It Is Exceptional

Jewellery was not bulk-produced (or even broadly accessible to the public) until this time, so it is greatly unlikely that you will ever search for a duplicate of a piece of antique or vintage jewellery. Various pieces will have been made by the expert craftsman for the members of the elite class in the domain of antique jewellery.

6. It Has A Narrative

There is something very romantic about jewellery from another era, with a story to tell.  With a piece of antique or vintage jewellery, we become the next chapter of its sparkling history.

7. It Is Genuine

It is not difficult to find jewellery made in the style of a bygone era, but nothing strikes a piece that was truly made in that time, using the material, craftsmanship, and techniques. It’s a bit similar to having a money replica print on the wall rather than the real thing.

8. It Is Flawless

If you have a piece of antique or vintage jewellery that is still in good condition to this day, the probability is that it was made with appropriate care and remains robust for a longer time to come.

9. It Is A Fashion Statement

Having antique or vintage jewellery that you opt for yourself rather than going to the well-known jewellery brand and choosing the modern piece of jewellery gives your sense of fashion.

10. The Hunt Is Breathtaking

Looking for buying and collecting old jewellery is the activity of hunting itself. If you are aware of what to look at and where to look, you can learn to identify the understanding the context of each era is an exciting and rich experience in itself. Believe me; this process of hunting is amazing.

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